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10 Celebrities Who Were Banned From Other Countries

Some famous people will be greeted with open arms wherever they go, while others, for a variety of different reasons, will not. Because various nations each have the




Nevertheless, those countries have the ability to prevent them from entering their territory; in fact, this has already happened to a number of A-list celebrities. From one of the most famous singers in the world, Justin Bieber, to a leading actor like Brad Pitt, their movies, statements, or actions made a negative impression on leaders all over the world, and as a result, some of those leaders decided to ban them from entering their countries. It’s possible that certain celebrities were just making a joke, but leaders didn’t take them that way.


Let’s take a look at ten famous people who have been barred from entering various countries around the world due to their behavior, regardless of how grave or understandable the circumstances of their exclusion may be.

#1 Justin Bieber

Source: @Justinbieber/ Instagram

#2 Miley Cyrus

Source: @Gawker

#3 Beyoncé

Source: @Beyonce/ Instagram

Because of the backlash she received for both her costumes and her performances, Beyoncé was forced to postpone or cancel her concert in 2007. According to the BBC, “Female performers at Malaysian concerts are required by government rules to cover up from shoulders to knees, with no cleavage showing,” and this regulation applies to performers of all ages. As a direct consequence of that, she was denied entry into this nation.

#4 Katy Perry

Source: o News / AFP

Katy Perry gave a performance in Taipei in 2015 while wearing a dress patterned with sunflowers. She even waved the Taiwanese flag throughout the entirety of her performance, which resulted in her being barred from performing in China in 2017. Because anti-China protesters had taken up the sunflower as their symbol, and because China appeared to view her dress as having anti-national overtones.

#5 Paris Hilton

Source: @Parishilton/ Instagram

It was reported that Paris Hilton was caught with drugs in Las Vegas; however, she was not refused entry to Japan when she decided to enter the country in the following days when she landed in her private jet. This is because of the reports about her drug use in Las Vegas.

#6 Selena Gomez

Source: @Selenagomez/ Instagram

#7 Salman Khan

Source: @Beingsalmankhan/ Instagram

Salman Khan was denied his visa when traveling to Britain after the Supreme Court canceled a court order that had put on hold his 5 years jail term in the 1998 poaching case. After a break of ten years, he made his long-awaited return to the stage in the United Kingdom in 2017.

#8 Gigi Hadid

Source: @Gigihadid/ Instagram

#9 Kesha

Source: @Iiswhoiis/ Instagram

#10 Brad Pitt