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10+ Images That Show Us the Real Process of Making Our Favorite Movies

Your performers cannot be placed in actual danger. Captain America might be holding back a chopper from taking off, though. Do you truly believe Chris..



You can’t put your actors in real danger.

Captain America might be holding back a chopper from taking off, though. Do you truly believe Chris Evans can accomplish such a difficult task? It’s not even humanly possible, after all. So what does a filmmaker do when they want to shoot an almost difficult scene?

All it requires are some CGI, some ropes, and numerous actors dressed in full green suits. Okay, maybe I’m simplifying it too much. However, it is still entertaining to peek behind the scenes of these incredible films. So continue scrolling down and have a peek.


#1 I have no idea why they couldn’t have just hired extras.

No crowd? No issue! In this behind-the-scenes photo with crowd replacement, keying, and rotoscope work, we can be seen cheering for the encore. Compositing, visual effects, onset crew, movie magic, green screen, nuke, @thefoundryteam, and bts

Mass FX Media (@massfxmedia) published a post on June 18, 2018, at 1:21 p.m.


#2 This just makes Johnny Depp look like an even better actor.


#3 Who knew the lion in Westworld is a guy in a purple gimp suit.


#4 Baby was not really the one driving in the Baby driver.

b’Via\xc2\xa0TriStar Pictures

#5 This scene from downsizing looks hilarious out of context.

b’Via\xc2\xa0Paramount Pictures

#6 You remember how Kevin used audio from the movie Angels with filthy souls to get pizza? This is it.

home alone
b’Via\xc2\xa020th Century Fox

#7 Just Quentin Tarantino teaching the actors how to dance on the set of Pulp Fiction.


#8 How else is Captain America supposed to throw enemies around like ragdolls?

b’Via\xc2\xa0Marvel Studios

#9 And we all know how Tom Cruise performs most of the stunts himself.

b’Via\xc2\xa0Mission: Impossible

#10 Tom Holland taking a dive on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

b’Via\xc2\xa0Columbia Pictures

#11 When Benedict Cumberbatch travels through the portal on Doctor Strange.

b’Via\xc2\xa0Marvel Studios

#12 Yes, This is really what Superman looks like when flying without all the effects.

b’Via\xc2\xa0DC Comics

#13 The utter destruction in Lo Impossible.

b’Via\xc2\xa0Telecinco Cinema

#14 I suppose we all know this infamous scene from The matrix.

b’Via\xc2\xa0Warner Bros

#15 Chris Evans in Captain America: Civil War is really selling the strain it would take to hold a helicopter in place.

b’Via\xc2\xa0Marvel Studios

#16 War for the planet of the apes shows what the end product may look like on the screen.

b’Via\xc2\xa020th Century Fox

#17 Andrew Garfield using his web on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man.

b’Via\xc2\xa0Sony Pictures

#18 On the set of Bourne Ultimate, even camera operators have to perform daring feats.

b’Via\xc2\xa0Universal Pictures

#19 This is how they shot the car chases in the movie Jason Bourne.

b’Via\xc2\xa0Universal Studios

Which one of them surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments section below.