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11 ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Versions Of Celebrities

We believe that the general public is familiar with the stereotype of a celebrity who is romantically interested in a fan (or “regular person” in this context). You




We believe that the general public is familiar with the stereotype of a celebrity who is romantically interested in a fan (or “regular person” in this context). You know how it works—you meet someone at a concert or in your favorite cafe, sparks fly, and then you find yourself in a relationship that appears to have developed out of nowhere? The majority of works of fan fiction center on this facet as a source of personal pride.

There are people in this world who are able to make our wildest dreams come true. While some of us may still be holding out hope that Harry Styles will see us in a crowd and fall hopelessly in love with us, there are also people in this world who are able to realize our wildest dreams. The reality is that a great number of famous people have had relationships with, and even tied the knot with, commoners. It is possible that you will be surprised to find out which A-listers have wed “ordinary individuals,” such as their personal assistants, hairstylists, attorneys, or realtors, rather than other celebrities.


1. Ariana Grande – Dalton Gomez

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2. Dolly Parton – Carl Dean

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3. Ed Sheeran – Cherry Seaborn

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While Ed Sheeran was performing in New York and Cherry Seaborn was working on Wall Street, a mutual friend reconnected them so that they could continue their relationship. A few months later, he extended an invitation to her to celebrate Independence Day alongside Taylor Swift. In January 2019, the couple tied the knot in what was described as a “highly confidential ceremony.”

4. Christian Bale – Sibi Blasic

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Before Winona Ryder introduced him to her assistant, Sibi Blai, Christian Bale did not have any intentions of settling down and beginning a family. Sibi Blai was Winona Ryder’s assistant. Back in January of the year 2000, they traveled to Sin City to have a clandestine wedding. A few years later, Sibi landed a job working as a stunt driver on Christian’s Batman production.

5. Paul Rudd – Julie Yaeger

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If Paul Rudd had brought his bags to his publicist’s office the day he arrived in New York City, Julie Yaeger, who worked there, would have offered to drop them off at his friend’s apartment so he wouldn’t be late for an audition. A few days later, he extended an invitation to her for lunch, and by 2003, the couple had tied the knot.

 6. Matt Damon – Luciana Barroso

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Matt Damon met Luciana Barroso, who later became his wife, at a club in Miami after the filming of Stuck on You was relocated there from Hawaii. In 2005, the couple officially became husband and wife. On Ellen, he made the following statement: “I don’t know how else our paths would’ve crossed if that didn’t happen.” And supposing none of those things had taken place.

7. George Clooney – Amal Alamuddin

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A mutual friend introduced George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin while they were on their way to the film festival in Cannes, France. In an interview with David Letterman, George revealed, “I got a phone from my agent who said, ‘I met this woman who is coming to your house, who you are going to marry.’”

8. Meryl Streep – Don Gummer

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Meryl Streep’s brother invited his friend Don Gummer to assist her pack up their belongings while she was mourning the death of her boyfriend and costar, John Cazale, and she corresponded with the sculptor until she eventually moved in with him. In September of 1978, just six months after John had passed away, she married Don in the garden of her parents’ home.

9. Jesse Tyler Ferguson – Justin Mikita

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson met up with Justin Mikita, an attorney, while he was at the gym. Instead of admitting that they had met by chance, the couple always claimed that they had known one another for a very long time through their shared circle of friends. They went through with the wedding in 2013.

10. Matthew McConaughey – Camila Alves

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Matthew McConaughey saw Camila Alves and her pals at a bar where he made margaritas and offered them to join him and his buddies for a drink. The year 2012 marked the year of their wedding.

11. Reese Witherspoon – Jim Toth

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Talent agent When Jim Toth first met Reese Witherspoon, she was being harassed by a drunken acquaintance of theirs, and he stepped in to defend her. When Elle inquired further about it, she received the following response from her: “What a wonderful partner is, what a decent person is, Jim promised, and he would demonstrate that to me every day.” To put it another way, I will make sure that you are taken care of properly. Saying things like, “I’m going to do this so often that you’re going to become used to it” When she started talking about that, I was like, “What?” Never before have I known somebody like that.”