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11 Times Fans Had Warm And Nice Encounters With Celebrities

People frequently have the misconception that celebrities are oblivious to the world around them and that they merely exist in their own world of fame, fortune, and




People frequently believe that celebrities are disconnected from the world around them and merely exist in their world of fame, fortune, and other benefits. On the other hand, several well-known figures have shown that, when they are not in the public eye, they are no different from any other member of society in their desire to make the world a little bit better. This was demonstrated by the fact that when they were not in the public eye, they participated in charitable activities.

1. Keanu Reeves

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2. Chadwick Boseman

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3. Ryan Gosling

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Ryan Gosling was in attendance at the graduation of my brother. His mother was receiving her master’s degree from the same university as he was. The seat in front of me was taken by Ryan. He applauded each and every child who walked across the stage to receive their diploma. After sitting through such a lengthy ceremony, I was so worn out that I almost forgot to applaud for my brother. From yuri yk

4. Michael Fassbender

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“Haven’t had many rude experiences, but I can unquestionably attest that Michael Fassbender was a kind man who acted more excited to meet me than I was to meet him. He was very gracious. Extremely content with how things turned out!” From gamedemon24

5. Jon Stewart

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“I had the opportunity to hang out with Jon Stewart for a couple of hours. My entire life, I’d imagined myself taking part in an interview with him on his daily show. Well I am more than happy to say that he is as kind, warm, hilarious, and personable as you could ever imagine. Easily one of the most memorable experiences of my life.” A post by a user on Reddit

6. Kristen Bell

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“Kristen Bell is one of the kindest and most grounded people you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. I used to work in the spa of a luxury hotel, and I’ll never forget how patient she was even though she came in on one of our busiest weekends. This seems like the bare minimum, but I’ve had some extremely needy celebrity guests, so I’ve had to use aliases and book them through assistants for the majority of the celebrities I’ve dealt with. The assistant simply called in on her own and booked the reservation as any other person would. Additionally, she is known to leave EXTREMELY generous tips. She is exactly the same person that she presents herself to be in interviews on television. Hailey i

7. David Beckham

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“David Beckham is not only a nice guy, but when his kids came to the secret event we were filming and some people spotted them, he came across and told the public who could see him that he’d do any photos or signings they liked, but to please leave his kids alone as they were not in the public eye and he wanted them to be afforded privacy. He also told the people who could see him that he’d do any photos or signings they liked, but to please Good dad.” Originating from goldfish paws

8. Robert Downey Jr.

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“I served on a jury with Robert Downey Jr., and the case lasted about a week. He was the alternate juror, but he took copious notes, and he was happy to chat with all of the other jurors whenever there was a break in the proceedings. Very pleasant and grounded in the real world guy. 88LostInSpace sourced this.

9. Barack Obama

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“When I was around three years old, I met Barack Obama at the state fair in Iowa. He sat there for about five minutes and listened to me tell a story about my loose tooth. According to my mother, “it was as if I were the only person in the world when he was talking to me,” when he was speaking to me. Submitted by a user of Reddit.

10. Brad Pitt

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“Brad Pitt is a first-rate individual in his personal life. I happened to run into him in Malta, where he was filming Troy at the time. I was guiding a group of students as a group leader on a holiday trip and we saw Pitt just walking out of a cafe. He was very kind to all of the people there and took the time to take a lot of pictures with all of the children. A large number of the teenage girls in my group came dangerously close to passing out. A day filled with laughter all around.” from the Heimlich maneuver

11. Hugh Jackman

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“He’s known for being pleasant, but I didn’t expect him to be so genuine and actually keep the conversation going by continuing to ask questions and show interest. He’s known for being nice, but I didn’t expect him to be so genuine. However, despite the fact that he interacts with a large number of people on a daily basis, he never seems to tire. From Ninerism