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12 Biggest Movie Star Paydays Of All Time

Do you know any A-list celebrities who rake in hundreds of millions of dollars for their roles in movies? Although it seems absurd, the statement is accurate. These




Do you know any A-list celebrities who rake in hundreds of millions of dollars for their roles in movies? Although it seems absurd, the statement is accurate. These are some movie stars who take a profit participation deal instead of a huge salary, which might give them a much larger payday. In other words, they are willing to take a risk by agreeing to a profit-participation deal that will reward them based on how successful the movie is.

There is no question that the wealth of these famous actors is directly proportional to the level of success enjoyed by the films in which they star. Because of this, a “Star Wars” actor will continue to earn millions of dollars even after he has passed away. And some actors have been able to live the lavish lives they’ve always wanted ever since their movies have become financially successful.


#1 Jim Carrey: “Yes Man”

Source: @imdb

Jim Carrey, a comedian from Canada, decided to take a chance on the comedy “Yes Man” in 2006 by agreeing to work for no pay. In its place, he demanded a share of the gross profits equal to 32.6%. Reportedly, the movie star made $30 million when the film earned an astounding total of $223 million at the box office.

#2 Sandra Bullock: “Gravity”

Source: @risenmagazine

Thanks to the fame she earned from winning an Oscar for “The Blind Side”, Sandra Bullock dealt a $20-million upfront salary in addition to 15% of the gross profits for the sci-fi movie Gravity. It resulted in her receiving a massive payout, which is estimated to be $77 million.

#3 Tom Cruise: “War of the Worlds”

Source: @imdb

Before being needed on the set of Mission: Impossible III, Tom Cruise squeezed the filming of Steven Spielberg’s high-budget remake of a science fiction classic into a window of only ten weeks. He gave up his salary in exchange for a twenty percent share of the movie’s profits in order to expedite the script and secure approval for the 132 million dollar budget. As a result of The War of the Worlds becoming such a huge success all over the world, Tom Cruise made an estimated one hundred million dollars.

#4 Denzel Washington: “American Gangster”

Source: @imdb

Denzel Washington has the potential to earn $40 million for his portrayal of the real-life criminal Frank Lucas in the upcoming film American Gangster (2007). However, he made the majority of his money from the double paid role, which demanded $20 million per movie. It was a “pay or play” deal, which meant that if the movie was canceled after he signed on, the production company was obligated to compensate him in full.

#5 Jack Nicholson: “Batman”

Source: @imdb

When he was cast in the role of the iconic comic book antagonist The Joker in the 1989 film Batman, actor Jack Nicholson decided to take a pay cut, accepting a salary of only six million dollars rather than the ten million dollars he had been demanding for the role. Instead, he was awarded a share of the profits, which turned out to be the equivalent of winning the lottery when the movie was a huge success. It has been reported that Nicholson has earned $50 million for playing The Joker.

#6 Leonardo DiCaprio: “Inception”

Source: @imdb

When production on the movie was about to begin, Leonardo DiCaprio took a risky venture by agreeing to work for the director Christopher Nolan of Inception for a salary that was significantly lower than his usual $20 million. He and Nolan entered into a unique agreement in which the latter would receive first-dollar gross points if the film was successful. As a result of his victory, DiCaprio received sixty million dollars.

#7 Tom Hanks: “Forrest Gump”

Source: @pinterest

Tom Hanks played the role of Forrest Gump, which not only earned him an Academy Award for Best Actor but also deposited an estimated $60 million into his bank account. When negotiating his deal for Forrest Gump, Hanks made the astute decision to insist on a share of the movie’s profits.

#8 Harrison Ford: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Source: @imdb

#9 Robert Downey Jr.: “The Avengers: Infinity War”

Source: @imdb

Rober Downey Jr. has quickly become one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood, there is no question about that. Because of his phenomenal success in the role of Iron Man, The Avengers offered him a paycheck of $50 million. However, things are going to change quite a bit once he gets his hands on the staggering sum of $200 million for the two sequels to Avengers: Infinity War.

#10Keanu Reeves: “The Matrix” franchise

Source: @imdb

Initially, Keany Reeves was given a payment of $10 million for his role in The Matrix, in addition to a sweet back-end deal that was rumored to be 10% of the film’s gross. He earned a bundle and negotiated $15-mil per movie plus 15 percent of the gross for the sci-fi film’s two sequels when his film turned into a big smash. The three films brought in a combined total of $260 million for the actor, who was born in Canada. It’s possible that you’re already aware of this, but he rewarded the film crew with $80 million in exchange for their work.

#11 Tom Cruise: “Mission: Impossible” Franchise

Source: @newsandstar

#12 Johnny Depp: “Pirates of the Caribbean” Franchise

Source: @screenrant/Twitter

Despite reports of his recent financial struggles, Johnny Depp made a fortune by portraying Jack Sparrow in all those Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It’s possible that the fact that his total earnings from the Disney franchise are estimated to be $300 million will come as a surprise to you.