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15 Swoon-Worthy Before And After Photos Of Dogs Who Are All Grown Up

If you ask a dog owner about raising a puppy, they will likely wax poetic about the experience. One of the most amazing things in their lives is getti..



Ask a dog parent about the experience of watching their pup grow up & they won’t stop talking about it.

One of the most heartwarming experiences of their lives is seeing their sweet puppy develop before their very eyes. Furthermore, most people will not agree that raising a puppy is more difficult than raising a human baby. A puppy is more independent in its ability to learn than a human infant, but if you don’t raise it properly, it could bite you the moment you look at it. All day long, a puppy needs to be played with, petted, had its ears sniffed, and brushed. Also, if you don’t keep an eye on your new puppy, it can easily wreck your home. They will poop and pee wherever they please, destroy your furniture, and rip up your boots with their sharp teeth.

You wouldn’t have to fret about your infants gnawing on the walls any longer, would you? They would be wearing diapers, so any waste would be contained. Because they tend to remain in the same spot you last used them, you won’t have to lug them around or fret about losing them. Puppies, however, require prompt training. You must train them to sit and stay when told to do so, as otherwise they may bite strangers. It’s true that having a puppy isn’t a walk in the park, and that the whole process can leave new pet owners exhausted, but the important thing is that it’s worth it!

Anyway, we’ve gotten our paws on some before and after pictures of dogs who were puppies whose owners took lots of pictures of them as they grew up. One can expect nothing less than pure enjoyment while watching it.


1. Let’s start with this tiny little Pitbull

mediatiny pitbull
b’via Reddit

A year of growth was all it took!

2. Look at this adorable Corgi!

mediacute corgi
b’via Reddit

They’re still adorable, and they’re growing up a little bit.

3. Look at this giant pup!

mediabiggest dog
b’via Reddit

Such a wholesome picture!

4. This flulffy samoyed is too cute for our brains to comprehend.

mediasamoyed pup
b’via Reddit

Whoa, hold on, isn’t that a stuffed animal!

5. Still waiting to be potty trained?

mediaaussie dog
b’via Reddit

What a cutie!

6. No matter how big they get, they will always be our little babies.

mediabig doggo 1
b’via Reddit

Indeed, even if they grow too big to hold in our arms!

7. Just another year but the pose remains the same.

mediadoggos turn old
b’via Reddit

What an adorable duo!

Photographing their pets is a daily ritual for many pet owners. We love that they continue to record the little moments that their pets are a part of in their daily lives, which is why more than half of their phone’s gallery is devoted to images of their pets. It’s an absolute pleasure to watch.

8. A giant husky!

mediagorgeous husky
b’via Reddit

Hooman is attempting to keep his grip as tightly as possible.

9. Here’s a picture of an adorable golden doodle!

mediabig fluffy pup
b’via Reddit

His human still enjoys cuddling up with him.

10. Love that outfit!

mediadog growing up
b’via Reddit

Regardless of whether it’s a good fit any longer.

11. Oh my… isn’t he gorgeous!?

mediacutest pup 1
b’via Reddit

Loving the tiny cap!

12. “I’l always be here for you, hooman”

mediadog grows old
b’via Reddit

Regardless of how old I get

13. Well, he used to fit in my boots.

mediapupper growing older
b’via Reddit

Now my boots fit him.

14. She loves her pink sweater.

mediadog turning old
b’via Reddit

And we love her!

15. His toy never leaves his side.

mediadog with his toy
b’via Instagram

Equally, he doesn’t leave our house.

In what seems like a blink of an eye, your once-tiny puppy has outgrown your palms and arms. We hope that looking at these photos brought back some happy times spent with pets. Drop us a line in the remark section and fill us in on your recent adventures.