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20 Teachers Recall Their Most Memorable Interactions With Parents of Students

You’ll read 20 of the most fascinating tales that teachers told a few parents, and they’ll either make you feel happy, sad, or astonished…



Some of us found it anxious when our parents were asked to pick us up after school. Maybe you were trying to figure out what you did wrong or what the issue was that needed your parents’ attention. That encounter is still fresh in my mind.

However, not just you will remember it. Teachers would have the same reaction to meeting the parents of their students. And this truth is amply demonstrated in this Reddit post where users were asked to share their favourite parent-child interactions. You can read 20 of the most fascinating tales that teachers told some parents below. They’ll either make you feel happy, sad, or shocked.

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My mother oversees the school’s Chromebook programme; she is in charge of distributing them and keeping track of which pupils are in possession of which models. Because of his anger issues, one of the school’s students once seized the Chromebook of the student sitting next to him and bent it with his hands. The youngster next to him became enraged and punched him.
“The meeting between the principal and the parents of the student who damaged the Chromebook was attended by my mother. When the principal suggested that they seek counselling for their child’s rage issue, the parents responded that he didn’t have a problem. They were simply interested in finding out what would happen to the youngster who punched him!


The mother of a student once brought her pet monkey to a parent-teacher conference. When he mentioned having one, I assumed the child was making me laugh. But as it turned out, mom arrived with a capuchin dressed in a blue sweater.


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I usually incorporate hedgehogs into my classes, so my students are aware of my obsession with them. In any case, one of my favourite kids arrived with her mother with a fuzzy bag on the final night of conferences. She PULLED A FREAKIN’ HEDGEHOG OUT OF THAT FUZZY BAG AFTER I GOOVERED ALL OF HER CHILD’S TESTS, and I yelled like a child! I was ecstatic when I finally got to hold him for approximately 30 minutes. The mother of one of my students told me that her kid always talks about me and wanted to do something spectacular for me.


During my brief tenure as a classroom teacher, I’ve had a few amusing encounters with parents, but for some reason, one stands out in my memory. Mom was running late to pick up her daughter, so I decided to wait with her homeroom teacher to keep an eye on her while we waited—even though we hadn’t even arranged a parent-teacher conference. She was a student in my reading class at the time, and she was quickly earning a reputation for simply not reading. She would keep waiting for me to focus on another child before she put her book down and did whatever she pleased. Any form of discipline from the teacher didn’t seem to deter her.


I therefore seized the chance to bring up this issue with mom when she walked in and appeared a little stressed. The moment the mother turned to face her child and began a violent tirade in a language I had never heard before (but really loved the sound of), her child began to scream and sob as though the fear of God had been instilled in her. When she saw me, Mom said, “If you ever catch her doing it again, contact me and tell her Mama’s not letting her play with the tablet that night.” She then turned to face me with narrowed eyes.

The child naturally improved in class.

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I arranged for the nanny to attend the parent-teacher conference with a busy, well-known doctor. Every time I addressed the mother directly, she would turn to the nanny and ask, “Are you understanding all this? You’re the one who has to be paying attention.” I don’t want to deal with any of this by the time I get home.

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When my coworker was meeting with a student’s mother and was praising her, the mother unexpectedly suffered a stroke and passed out. Next day, she passed away. The instructor made sure to let the student know that his mother had just told him how wonderful he was.



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the one where the mother brought her attorney, who sat behind her the entire time rolling his eyes.

This was the same mother who said, “Nowhere in the student handbook does it indicate a parent cannot do the child’s homework for them,” when I brought up her first-homework grader’s being written in cursive and ink.


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“My Spanish isn’t very good, and I was meeting with a parent who spoke Spanish almost exclusively. Her English turned out to be about as awful as my Spanish, so we resorted to charades or grabbed some paper and wrote things out when we couldn’t communicate. We were laughing so hard by the end! My favourite parent-teacher conference of all time was by far that one.


When one of my kindergarten students’ parents visited for a conference, I played a video of their daughter dancing in class for them. In response, her father first showed me footage of her dancing on his phone at home before turning on dancehall music and joining her and her mother in the classroom; the dancing was undoubtedly not PG-rated. So I did nothing but watch as they danced and started making out — with tongue!


My encounter with a mother who had just given birth was noteworthy. Her husband inquired about the results of her 12-week scan when he arrived late to the conference. The mother just said, “Fine,” evidently upset that son missed the appointment. However, he made the decision to pursue the matter, and at that point she revealed that they were expecting triplets. When I returned, she was showing him the scans, and they were both sobbing. I had excused myself to grab some water.



when a pupil in the class tilted their eyelids by pulling them back. The parent replied, “I’m being unduly sensitive, it’s no big issue,” in response. Parent was frank and made a point of demonstrating their fervent religiosity (Christian). I refrained from responding with a racial gesture and adding, “And as you would that others would do to you, do likewise to them.”

By the way, I teach middle school and am Asian.

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One of my students was a little bit of a troublemaker. He enjoyed messing around a lot, to the point where it interfered with his ability to learn. We met with his parents and all of his instructors (as is customary at my school) to discuss the situation and see if the parents were employing any techniques that could assist us.

The father merely keeps asking us to affirm that there is something “wrong” with his child throughout the entire process. He’s simply acting like a typical 12-year-old boy, sir. It became out that the parents had a contentious divorce because the father had a relationship with a much younger woman. Start the child’s positive attention-seeking behaviour and outbursts.

In order to keep him in school longer and help him meet some useful people, we enrolled him in a variety of sports and groups.


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The father of one of my pupils, a well-known local gang leader and drug dealer, and I met with parents. I was uneasy as he entered the room covered from head to toe in gang tattoos, but I handled the situation like I would any other parent. He asked how to keep his children on the correct path so that they don’t grow up to be like him during our wonderful meeting (his words). He even turned out to be one of my parents who was most supportive, showing out to every parent meeting and school event, and once even helping me replace a tyre! I discovered that day not to judge a book by its cover.


When I had to inform a parent that school ran from Monday through Friday and not Tuesday through Thursday, it was one of my favourite moments during parent-teacher conferences. The parent was genuinely taken aback! The fact that she had not spotted the entire student body at the school her child attended—which was situated DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET from her home—on Mondays and Fridays startled me further.


I’ve spent 14 years instructing young children. A few years ago, the father of a student listened closely to what I had to say about his child during a typical parent-teacher conference. Then he politely and respectfully inquired about his son’s personal growth. Did he treat people well? How might his son develop into a leader? Was he compassionate and aware of others’ needs? He showed respect to all grownups, right? At the moment, it simply astounded me.


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One of my students was not going to graduate because he had failed all of his classes and had been disruptive throughout the whole school year. In any case, his parents came to my office in a riot and yelled at me to change his grade in front of the principal. They criticised me and even threatened to kill me! Then, in the midst of the confusion, a really foul odour started to emanate. In fact, the student literally shit his pants in front of us, it turns out! The smell was smothering us, so we had to end the meeting.
Also, would you believe it, his parents actually threatened to sue us for “causing” their son poop in his pants!


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the one where my mother promoted her MLM business to me while attending conferences by saying, “What a terrific fundraiser!” She eventually became the insane mom who demanded to know “why is my kid not the star,” as is obvious.

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Our conferences were organised as a series of “speed dating” meetings, during which the teachers handed out packets of catch-up work to any failing students. In any case, a mom and dad sat down in the chairs in front of my table at the end of the evening, despondent, with their arms stuffed with fail packets from different teachers. What is my son doing wrong in your class, the parent asked me as she stared at me with tears in her eyes. I was somewhat aback by her inquiry considering how much I enjoyed her son—he was one of my most beloved pupils! Therefore, I told them with great pleasure how much their son had made my day. The kid entered the room the following day, gave me a great embrace, and said “Thank you.”
He agreed to work on it after I told him that I hoped he would treat all of his teachers the same way he treated me. He ended up passing almost all of his classes by the end of the year.


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One time, a parent threw a chair at me. She felt that homework should not be required of her son. She thought he was brilliant. Not at all.


We expelled a child for damaging a classroom and an office to the tune of around $4,000. He threatened to accuse his instructor of sexual and physical abuse while also assaulting the four staff members who were trying to control him without touching him (nobody wants to lose their job over this youngster). One of them needed medical attention.

We were informed during the meeting with his parents that all he required from us was “love.”


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