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24 Celebrities You Never Noticed Were Real Life Disney Characters

Have you ever bumped into someone on the street and had the feeling that you’ve met them before, but you can’t remember who they are or where you met them, and then




Have you ever bumped into someone on the street and had the feeling that you’ve met them before, but you can’t remember who they are or where you met them, and then all of a sudden you realized that they were just complete strangers passing by? It’s possible that you’ve seen them before, or that they look exactly like a real person or a fictional character that you know or admire. In either case, the coincidence certainly is intriguing, doesn’t it?

Did you know that many of our favorite Disney characters also have their own real-life counterparts with which they share many similarities? Some of them are even quite well-known in their fields. It’s true that there are a surprising number of parallels between Disney characters and celebrities, and those parallels will definitely leave you in awe.


#1 Ariel — Deborah Ann Woll

Source: Disney, Getty Images

Deborah Ann Woll’s hair is a vibrant shade of red, and she always gets the job done. Also, come on, she’s already wearing the colors!

#2 Prince Eric — Matt Bomer

Source: Disney, Getty Images

#3 Princess Aurora — Gabriella Wilde

Source: Disney, Getty Images

Even if Elle Fanning had played Aurora in Maleficent, it wouldn’t change anything, would it? Gabriella Wilde, who appeared in the films “Carrie and Endless Love”, has the look down pat.

#4 Prince Philip — Colton Haynes

Source: Disney, Getty Images

#5 Elsa – Blake Lively

Source: Disney, Getty Images

#6 Anna — Bella Thorne

Source: Disney, Getty Images

#7 Belle — Emma Watson

Source: Disney, Getty Images

It seems that no one else could portray Belle more effectively than Emma Watson, who was previously cast in the live-action “Beauty and the Beast”. In addition to being highly intelligent, a feminist, and extremely well-read, she possesses Belle’s same level of attractiveness and is also very thin.

#8 Prince Adam — Chris Hemsworth

Source: Disney, Getty Images

It’s reasonable to say Chris Hemsworth would still look gorgeous with these longer locks because he wears his Thor hair better than most ladies. In addition to that, they both have bodies that are very impressive.

#9 Princess Tiana — Kat Graham

Source: Disney, Getty Images

Kat Graham not only has the regal appearance of a princess, but she also possesses a powerful voice that enables her to reach the highest notes.

#10 Prince Naveen — Zayn Malik

Source: Disney, Getty Images

Due to the fact that they both have such stunning eyes and their hair is of the highest quality, we are completely worn out.

#11 Princess Jasmine — Nina Dobrev

Source: Disney, Getty Images

#12 Aladdin — Tyler Posey

Source: Disney, Getty Images

It is indisputable that Tyler Posey and Aladdin share the same goofy, carefree demeanor in addition to their striking resemblance in terms of their physical appearance.

#13 Cinderella — AnnaSophia Robb

Source: Disney, Getty Images

#14 Prince Charming — Jamie Dornan

Source: Disney, Getty Images

When Jamie Dornan was filming “Fifty Shades of Grey,” he transformed into a dashing prince for the role. If he ever had a ball, we have no doubt that all the ladies in the realm would be rushing to meet him.

#15 Rapunzel — Amanda Seyfried

Source: Disney, Getty Images

Amanda Seyfried’s portrayal of Rapunzel is spot-on, right down to the golden locks and green eyes that are so iconically associated with the character.

#16 Flynn Rider — Colin O’Donoghue

Source: Disney, Getty Images

#17 Kristoff — Garrett Hedlund

Source: Disney, Getty Images

#18 Pocahontas — Freida Pinto

Source: Disney, Getty Images

You have to admit that this woman looks strikingly similar to Pocahontas.

#19 John Smith — Charlie Hunnam

Source: Disney, Getty Images

Both of them have extremely chiseled and muscular bodies. Charlie Hunnam is also a lock because of his Sons of Anarchy character, where he was accustomed to having exactly that length hair.

#20 Snow White — Lucy Hale

Source: Disney, Getty Images

#21 Prince Florian — Nicholas Hoult

Source: Disney, Getty Images

#22 Mulan — Arden Cho

Source: Disney, Getty Images

#23 Li Shang — Harry Shum Jr.

Source: Disney, Getty Images

The fact that Harry Shum Jr. frequently strips down to his underwear on the show Glee is evidence of his incredible physique. We wouldn’t be mad at all to see him belting out “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.”

#24 Princess Merida — Rose Leslie

Source: Disney, Getty Images