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25 Dogs Who Effortlessly Are Reviving the Mullet

Do you recall when the Mullet was in style? Well, they’re returning, but this time they’re doing things differently! Let us define “Mullets” for those..



Remember the Mullets being in fashion? Well, they are coming back again but this time, differently!

Let us define “Mullets” for those of you who don’t know what they are before we continue. The term “mullet” is used to describe a hairstyle that rose to prominence in the 1970s in the United States. David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Keith Richards, and Paul McCartney all had mullets in the early 1970s. As the 1980s came to a close, mullets became widely popular in both the US and the UK. However, if we see someone who currently possesses it, it only brings back faded pop culture recollections.

But actually, the world has changed significantly, and you might just be confused if you encounter a person with a mullet. however, not if you see a dog sporting a mullet! Ever saw a dog sporting a mullet? You haven’t, we wager. People enjoy conducting experiments with their pets and posting them on social media since the internet is full of miracles. We saw several dogs walking around with mullets, and while it certainly looks cute, we also think it’s “too hip” for our minds to process. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the images of dogs who are once again making mullets fashionable!

1. Let’s start with this cool guy showing off his mullet!

dogs with mullets
b’via Instagram

2. Well, he’s adorable but incredibly hilarious too!

cute dog with a mullet
b’via Instagram

3. This one right here, looks like a baddddd boy!

adorable mullet
b’via Instagram

4. “I don’t even know what happened with my hair, hooman?”

pup with a mullet
b’via Instagram

5. “Hi, do you like my new hair?”

cutest pup 2
b’via Instagram

6. Going for a walk to show-off that new haircut!

dog showing off mullet
b’via Instagram

7. Someone just got off his Harley!

doggo with a mullet
b’via Instagram

8. “Hey, what the hell did you do to your hair?”

2 dogs with mullets
b’via Instagram

9. “You will pay for this, hooman!”

dog with a fake mullet
b’via Instagram

10. Check this punk out!

cool dog
b’via Instagram

11. What an adorable poser.

doggo posing
b’via Instagram

12. Oh, this ones back again!

adorable pupp
b’via Instagram

I’m sorry to interrupt you, but DID YOU NOTICE HOW COOL AND ADORABLE THESE PUPPERS LOOK!? There is little doubt that mullets should return to trend, but our gorgeous dogs should do so rather than us. Scroll down to see more images we have for you.

13. “Dad, how does my hair look?”

dog chilling 1
b’via Instagram

14. “But why did you have to shave off my legs too?”

dog with mullet
b’via Facebook

15. Ummm… no disrespect but is that not a donkey?

cool donkey
b’via Instagram

16. “Mirror on the wall, who has the best Mullet’s of all?”

dog looking in the mirror
b’via Instagram

17. *Whistles*

poodle 1
b’via Facebook

18. Hello there, little granny!

doggo licking
b’via Instagram

19. Oh, here comes the Grandpa too!

old dog
b’via Reddit

20. Is that even a dog?

cute doodle pup
b’via Instagram

21. Oh my… looks like someone has a party to attend tonight!

dog with a bow
b’via Reddit

22. What a cutie!

gorgeous pup
b’via Instagram

23. “Hooman, we need to get my hair trimmed a little. I can’t see.”

dog with long hair
b’via Facebook

24. Now that is some experiment!

dog posing 2
b’via Instagram

25. “How do I look hooman? Well, I can’t see myself so I thought I’d ask you!”

poser pup
b’via Instagram

The current generation had no idea how “cool” having a mullet used to be, but mullets were always popular in the past. We are happy to see that our pups are now carrying on the tradition for us. Please share your thoughts about these puppies with mullets in the comments section.