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25 Examples Of ‘Nice Girls’, Female Equivalent Of The Well-known ‘Nice Guys’

Now that the word “pleasant guys” is probably already common to you all. But in case you’re unaware as of yet, the term refers to a dude who simply adores acting lik




Now that the word “pleasant guys” is probably already common to you all. But in case you’re unaware as of yet, the term refers to a dude who simply adores acting like a false gentlemen. Usually, a guy like this is unassertive and fails to express his true feelings. Guys will be guys, after all. But rather than being very front about what he wants, this man is actually hoping that his chivalry would be reciprocated with sex.

It’s fair to say that when individuals get right to the point, it annoys me a little less. That explains why those self-styled males receive so much “love” online. You know, girls can be just like that too. And the subject of our essay today will be these “nice girls,” who are the well-known “nice guys”‘ female counterparts. These and more great girls may be found in the r/NiceGirls subreddit, which celebrates all good girls. But let’s scroll down and see what we have for you right now.

#1 I’m a heterosexual male that goes to cosmetology school. Had this interaction with an anonymous person that goes to my school. I’ve never given anybody at school my phone number

Source: rybayless

#2 Shared by a Facebook friend. The word you’re looking for is “abuser”

Source: Bortron86

#3 Wants a 90/10 relationship

Source: SinceWayBack1997

#4 Nice girl thinks she’s the number 1 priority in her friend’s life

Source: Biazoba

#5 Context: ex cheated on me, on my birthday… and didn’t tell me until I drove an hour and a half to see her first, had sex and had a few beers so I couldn’t leave. This is the exchange we had today, I was honestly just expecting an apology and maybe some maturity but I guess that’s too much to ask


#6 Ah yes, because if a man is in a relationship, it is the law that he can only speak to women he is related to

Source: aetherialnemesis

#7 Someone I went to high school with…

Source: seeyouspace__cowboy

#8 A girl’s list of red flags

Source: SuperShaggySandwich

#9 Matched with her, her social media was full of anti-covid propaganda, so I told her it wasn’t going to work out. Then this happened

Source: robbo12131

#10 You can’t buy from a girl

Source: Reddit

#11 Pay for everything or I’m outta here

Source: Stimmolation

#12 The bros come first

Source: lanky_fingers

#13 Finished second date tonight, told her didn’t think things would work out. Seemed okay with it. Just got this right after I got home

Source: djg09876

#14 She thought she could pull a #FreeFoodFriday on him but homeboy didn’t play that

Source: Own_Performer_7713

#15 “I’ll let you know when I meet one” will be the best answer

Source: J_Dabson002

#16 No social media if “you ugly”

Source: AvaTyler

#17 I don’t know if it counts but this girl is saying cheating is ok. I felt disgusted when I saw it. I felt like sharing it

Source: arda_the_badass

#18 For context; on a video about Broken Heart Syndrome

Source: MajoraSkullChild

#19 Found this on a meme

Source: ThomarusTheSecond

#20 That’s not how it works

Source: ItsYaBoiCyrus

#21 My Cousin posts this crap but then goes and hits her ex-bf with a car

Source: MaeOneyz

#22 Hope this is the right place to post this, but as context: this girl posts selfies daily – the hypocrisy

Source: AnnaMak

#23 So I let down this girl from the states cause we matched on tinder because I don’t do LDR and then this happens

Source: Hambleee

#24 I’m actually a nice girl, provided you have money!

Source: dkkgaming

#25 “I was only being nice” proceeds to guilt-trip the hell out of my buddy (details in the comments)

Source: LuckyDucky64
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