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30 Women Abandoned Hair Removal And They’ve Never Regretted Their Decision

What is one of the first things that you ladies do when the weather starts to get warmer? Grab the razor so that you can finally break out all of the shorts, skirts,




Some of you might think it’s unfair that women are socialized to view body hair as disgusting, unfeminine, and unattractive. While having body hair is considered to be socially unacceptable for women, men are free to do so. The women whose stories are included in the list that follows have the intestinal fortitude to publicly declare that “body hair is natural.” They are uploading pictures to the internet that show their unshaven bodies. In addition, it is abundantly clear from those photographs that they are proud of their body hair and feel positive about it. And it goes without saying that they do not and never have second thoughts about their choice. What are your thoughts on this matter? You are welcome to share them with us in the comments whenever you like.

#1. I just want to say for any women/enbies dealing with rude comments and looks from strangers about their body hair: try not to worry about them, they’re showing their OWN insecurity & lack of knowledge— not yours! There is NOTHING wrong with your natural body

Source: hairylilswitch1996

#2. Not shaving was one of the best decisions of my life. I feel so in tune with myself and femininity

Source: cherrythemistress

#3. I got married today and wore my natural body hair as a beautiful accessory

Source: hiddenmutant

#4. Spring outfits and fuzzy armpits

Source: _justs0megirl

#5. This will be the first summer I haven’t shaved. Sometimes I feel self conscious, but mostly I feel empowered

Source: Holiday36

#6. Happy and hairy! I kept all the things I enjoyed about being a “girly girl” (makeup, high heels, manicures) and ditched the things I didn’t (RAZORS!!!)

Source: EmeraldAddams

#7. Just a gamer who doesn’t shave!

Source: cherrythemistress

#8. Despite what society will tell me, my armpit hair makes me feel so feminine

Source: cherrythemistress

#9. For a long time I was embarrassed to wear short sleeves on the street

Source: abbysunny

#10. Shave is boring

Source: Ponyhairy

#11. The hairy life is better

Source: ginger_knickers

#12. Natural light, natural body

Source: pansyisinsane

#13. Before I felt sorry when I went out to the street now I really feel pretty being hairy

Source: Ponyhairy

#14. Hairy woman it could be sexy too

Source: Ponyhairy

#15. Guys I miss summer

Source: ginger_knickers

#16. Natural just feels best

Source: switchycreature

#17. The 70s called, they want their shag back

Source: horny_hippie_

#18. I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to wear this dress outside

Source: Holiday36

#19. Feeling very beautiful with my armpit hair

Source: cherrythemistress

#20. Don’t be normal, be you!

Source: efiwfsn

#21. Feeling cozy in my bodysuit

Source: Holiday36

#22. Haven’t posted here in a while. Here are my legs after a swim

Source: horny_hippie_

#23. Happy Easter

Source: quazarissimus

#24. Shaving is just overrated!

Source: cherrythemistress

#25. Someone I know relaxing…

Source: natlori2005

#26. He has more, but I’m happy with mine! 😆 Couples that grow together, grow together, haha!

Source: randyrabbit1983

#27. I love being unshaved 🙂 freedom!

Source: hairyballerina

#28. Razor free since October and loving it!

Source: Holiday36

#29. Keep on smiling

Source: digital_burrito_baby

#30. Earth Day Clean-up!

Source: Thepinkknitter
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