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4 Facts You Already Missed About ‘Raised By Wolves’ Season 2

Raised by Wolves is an excellent television series, and a lot of people look forward to watching it. The methodical and deliberate pace of the series gradually revea



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Having said that, more and more unanswered questions have been raised as the series has gone on, as more of the structure of the hidden mysteries of the unusual planet is explored. Here are four things about the second season of “Raised By Wolves” that you probably did not know.


1. Kepler-22B is a real planet

Source: Raised by Wolves Wiki

2. Mother’s True Name is Lamia

Source: Youtube

Lamia is the name that Mother gives to the Mithraic when they first meet her after they have been reborn. Lamia is actually a Greek mythological figure who became a child-eating monster after her own children were killed. Her name was invoked in ancient Greece as a means of instilling fear and ensuring children followed the rules. She was also rumored to have characteristics similar to those of a serpent, and it was said that she possessed the ability to pluck out her own eyes.

3. Mithraic Mysteries is a real religion

Source: Raised by Wolves Wiki

The religion known as Mithraism existed in real life, despite the fact that it does not appear to share very many similarities with the Mithraic depicted in Raised by Wolves. It’s a Roman religion focused on worshiping the god Mithras, and it was a mystery religion, meaning that true knowledge of the beliefs and systems were only known by believers and followers of the religion

4. The name “Campion” seems to be an obvious indication

Source: TV Fanatic

Since the beginning of the series, the young Campion has been at the forefront of the group of human children who have survived. The show has made it abundantly clear that he is going to be an important figure for the human race going forward, just as the creator of Mother was back many years ago. And the name “Campion” seems to be an obvious indication of his role in the survival of humanity, as Campion is a name derived from the Old French word for champion. This suggests that both he and his maker played a role in ensuring humanity’s survival. is a website that provides you with entertainment information and creative ideas to refresh your days. Visit our site on a daily basis to stay up to date on the latest movie news.