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5 Animals With Stripes That Are Most Common In Wildlife

There is an incredible variety of wildlife. Animals have had thousands of years to hone their skills and become the absolute best versions of themselves that they ca



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There is an incredible variety of wildlife. In nature, animals have developed for thousands of years to become the best versions of themselves. Camouflage is one of the distinguishing features that stands out the most. These five striped animals are able to successfully adapt to their environments thanks to the unique coloration of their fur and skin.

In this piece, we will take a look at five animals that are among the most common in the animal kingdom to have stripes.


#1. Tiger

5 Animals With Stripes Are Most Common In Wildlife 1
Source: WWF

If lions are the apex predators of the animal kingdom in Africa, then tigers are the apex predators of the wild animal kingdom in Asia. They can be found in the deepest forests of Southeast Asia, as well as the highest mountain peaks in the Himalayas and Russia. The fingerprints of a human can be seen in the stripes of a tiger. They are all different in every tiger. In addition to this, they assist a tiger in hiding itself in the darkness and shadows of a jungle, which renders it invisible to the animals that it hunts. Tigers have been hunted to the point of extinction and kept captive for the purposes of entertainment in addition to the production of their stunning fur coats. Thankfully, the conservation efforts for tigers are still producing positive results, and the population of this species has been consistently growing over the past few years.

#2. Zebra

5 Animals With Stripes Are Most Common In Wildlife 2
Source: Live Science

The zebra is another animal on this list that is well-known, and it is one of the five animals that has stripes. Aside from wild horses, they are actually the wild relatives of domesticated horses and ponies that are the most closely related to each other. They originated in the southern and central parts of Africa. The majority of us picture zebras as having a white body with black stripes. In point of fact, the base color of their fur is white, and it has black stripes on top. The activities of humans have resulted in both a lack of food sources and a reduction of natural habitat, both of which threaten the existence of this species.

#3. Clownfish

5 Animals With Stripes Are Most Common In Wildlife 3
Source: Live Science

Being well known after Pixar’s movie Finding Nemo, clownfishes are orange-reddish-colored with three white stripes covering its body vertically. Their homes are in the areas surrounding anemones and lagoons in the Pacific Ocean and the Red Sea, respectively. These places provide an extremely abundant variety of means for them to make a living. In addition, fish of this species are frequently kept as pets in aquariums.

#4. Chipmunk

Source: Pest-End

The only animal on this list of five that has stripes that has horizontal stripes is the chipmunk. The other three species all have vertical stripes. These rodents are native to Asia and North America, and they have adapted to both city life and the wild environments in which they live. As a consequence of this, it is not unusual to see a significant number of chipmunks on trees, in parks, or on electric wires.

#5. Coral Snake

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