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7 Best Godzilla Games Of All Time, Ranked

Because there have been so many different Godzilla games released, picking the best one is not an easy task. Given the ongoing success of the Godzilla franchise as w




Because there have been so many different Godzilla games released, picking the best one is not an easy task. Given the ongoing success of the Godzilla franchise as well as the financial success of the most recent Godzilla film, Godzilla Vs. Kong, audiences may be more intrigued than ever before by the anti-hero Kaiju. Due to the extensive and varied history of the Godzilla franchise, the quality of the various Godzilla video games varies greatly.


#1. Top 7 Best Godzilla Games of All Time

7. Godzilla: Battle Legends (1993)

Source: Godzilla: Battle Legends (1993)

Before Monster War was released, Alfa System and Toho collaborated to create Battle Legends. The first version of the game featured an engaging story for the single player to experience as the monster. The appearance of Godzilla changes depending on the era of the monster it is battling, a reference to the aesthetic of earlier Kaiju films. Battle Legends features a broader selection of playable characters than Monster War, including ten variations of Godzilla, Anguirus, Rodan, three versions of King Ghidorah, Hedorah, and Gigan, Megalon, various Mechagodzilla’s, Super X II, and two versions of Biollante and Battra.

6. Godzilla: Domination! (2002)

godzilla games
Source: Godzilla: Domination! (2002)

This Game Boy Advance product by WayForward Technologies and Atari ushers in a new era for the Godzilla franchise. The two-player fighting system has more detailed graphics and more rapid action than previous titles, despite having a less extensive cast of characters. The game has support for up to four players and includes a custom mode that simulates single-player gameplay against a number of different opponents. Dominationplot!s and few levels are what keep it from dominating.

5. Godzilla (2014) One Of The Best Godzilla Games On PS4, Godzilla PS4

godzilla games
Source: Godzilla (2014)

This is one of the most recent Godzilla games, and it was developed by Natsume and published by BANDAI NAMCO for PlayStation. It is a great example of what works and what doesn’t work in video games. The resurrected film franchise served as the basis for the game. The idea behind the term, which was taken from blockbuster movies, centered on devastation. Players had a wide variety of options to choose from when it came to gameplay thanks to the numerous game modes and Kaiju to defeat. Both the graphics and the controls had a feeling of being constrained. Although it’s a good title, there are others that are even better.

4. Godzilla: Unleashed (2007)

Source: Godzilla: Unleashed (2007)

The gameplay of Godzilla Unleashed is based on a third-person brawler, and players have the option to compete with up to four monsters at once, either with or without teams. The video game includes several of the most famous monsters ever created, including the one and only Godzilla. The players’ ultimate objective is to restore order to the world and prevent apocalyptic disasters from occurring.

3. City Of Giant Shadows (2017)

godzilla games
Source: City Of Giant Shadows (2017)

Atari was the publisher, and Pipeworks Software was the developer of this game for the Nintendo and PS2 platforms. Godzilla engaged in combat with an extraterrestrial race that had invaded Earth and was responsible for numerous catastrophes. With one of the largest lineups of Kaiju from the films and added information, gamers can plunge into Godzilla’s world. The fighting-style gameplay and graphics were mocked at the time, but fans continue to be captivated by the game’s backstory and mythos.

2. Godzilla: Save The Earth (2004) Stands 2nd In Top Best Godzilla Games

godzilla games
Source: Godzilla: Save The Earth (2004)

Kyoei Toshi Japan, or the City Of Giant Shadows, was developed by Granzella and published by BANDAI NAMCO. Heavyweights of Japanese cinema include a multifaceted storyline and an intricate cast of characters. From Godzilla to Ultraman, Gamera to Evangelion, the franchises in this game are amazing and work well together. Despite the fact that the gameplay is entertaining, the game focuses on the people who are affected by the mayhem. 2

1. Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee (2002)

Source: Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee (2002)

The first installment of the trilogy is a melee and is titled “Destroy All Monsters Melee.” The Atari subsidiary Pipeworks Software and WayForward Technologies are responsible for the development and publication of the Godzilla fighting game. The roster is small compared to other titles, but the game’s mechanics, character attacks, and short learning curve made it accessible and exciting. A few of the game modes could have been expanded upon further, but the captivating story helps the title remain relevant and serves as a yardstick.


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