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7 Disney Princesses Who Teach Young Women Meaningful Lessons Of Life

Walt Disney owns several media brands, including the popular animated hit series Disney Princess. These Disney animated movies not only amuse viewers, but they also




#1 Be careful with strangers (Snow White)

Source: Smule

Snow White is a lamb, therefore the witch who is posing as an elderly saleswoman has no trouble convincing her to take the fatal apple. Unless Snow White is more careful when encountering someone she does not know, she will face more trouble and even danger.

#2 Think carefully before making a decision (The Little Mermaid)

Source: Metro

This is the lesson that Ariel teaches us: don’t sign a contract if you haven’t read them carefully. It can have more short-term drawbacks than gains.

Ariel falls deeply in love with Prince Eric, so she gives up her voice in exchange for human legs to walk on land just because she wants to meet him. She is unaware, however, that signing the contract could put her and her family in a lot of difficulty.


#3 Give others chances to show themselves (Beauty And The Beast)

Source: The Sun

Belle in Beauty and the Beast believes the Beast is bad simply because he imprisoned her and her father in the tower. But if she consistently hates him, she is unlikely to ever be able to see past his appearance and find love with him. People ought to offer others a “second chance” to prove themselves, just like Belle did.

#4 Don’t undervalue women (Mulan)

Source: The Guardian

Girls can do whatever that boys can. Mulan is prepared to serve in the army rather than her ailing father because she is aware of this. She respects equality and is aware that women are capable of becoming just as powerful as men. The fact that Mulan successfully defeats enemies proving she is right.

#5 Always cherish your family (Frozen)

Source: Movie Fone

The most moving sequence in the movie Frozen is when Anna is frozen. Surprisingly, the tears of sincere love from her sister Elsa melt the ice and save her.

Thus, it is clear that families are usually the finest. So, no matter what happens, always love and cherish your loved ones!

#6 Work hard to achieve success (The Princess and the Frog)

Source: Walt World By Sierra

#7 Protect your own opinion (Aladdin)

Source: Fan Pop

Princess Jasmine bravely defends her own life since she does not want it to be handled or in charge of her. She said, to much admiration, “How dare you, all of you! decide my future while I stand around.”

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