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7 Must-See Movies Like Disney’s Zombies

Zombies is a musical and dance film produced by Disney that was released in the United States on the Disney Channel in February of 2018. This movie is considered to




#1 Descendants (2015)

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The fantasy-themed musical film “Descendants” from Disney is unquestionably at the very top of this list. The plot of the film focuses on four young adults who have spent their entire lives on the Isle of the Lost, despite the fact that their parents were banished from the island by Belle and Beast. Despite this, Ben, the son of the two monarchs of Auradon, decides to give the children the opportunity to choose their own course in life within the kingdom. Maleficinet makes her request to the four adolescents while they are traveling to the Auradon Preparatory School. She asks them to aid her in her conquest of Auradon. With plenty of color, music, and magic, “Descendants” is definitely the best movie for those who have finished watching “Zombies.”

#2 Twilight (2008)

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If “Twilight” is not included in this list, it will be a serious oversight on our part. The narrative of the film centers on the high school student Bella Swan and her adventures. As a result of her encounter with Edward Cullen, a vampire who comes from a line of vampires who feed on animal blood, the course of her life is irrevocably altered. This movie which is inspired by Stephenie Meyer’s eponymous 2005 novel, becomes one of the most favorite teen movies with a huge die-hard fan community.

#3 Vampire Academy (2014)

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The television series “Vampire Academy” was inspired by a novel as well, specifically the 2007 book of the same name written by Richelle Mead. The story of the movie centers on Rose Hathaway, a student at St. Vladimir’s Academy who is half-human and half-vampire and will eventually become a guardian. Her best friend, Vasilisa “Lissa” Dragomir, is a famous vampire princess. She goes by the moniker “Lissa.” The film mixes some of the best elements from the supernatural and high school genre to show a lovely story that will certainly keep you entertained if you love “Zombies 3.”

#4 The Craft (1996)

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Sarah Bailey begins her new school in Los Angeles, California, and soon has a bond relationship with a strange group of girls who are supposed outcasts by other students. It may surprise you to learn that some people believe the girls are witches. As the school year progresses, the girls eventually become exhausted by their supernatural and magical abilities, but then something unexpected happens. In addition to Fairuza Balk and Robin Tunney, the cast of the supernatural horror film also includes Neve Campbell and Rachel True. If you love the fantasy factors of “Zombies 3” and are looking for the same kind, then “The Craft” might be perfected for you.

#5 Beautiful Creatures (2013)

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The plot of “Beautiful Creatures” revolves around a young man named Ethan Wate who has a recurring dream about pursuing a girl. Things take a dramatic turn for the better when Ethan discovers that a girl who attends his school and appears eerily similar to the one in his dream has also enrolled there. The eponymous novel that Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl published in 2009 served as the basis for the gothic film. Likely “Zombies 3,” the movie mixes fantasy and teenage romance into an entertaining journey.

#6 Warm Bodies (2013)

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#7 Beastly (2011)

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