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8 Stalkers Who Put Celebrities In “Like-Horror-Movie” Situations

Acclaim has a way of attracting people who are mentally unstable. When a person’s name becomes known on a global scale, it has the power to influence people they hav




Acclaim has a way of attracting people who are mentally unstable. When a person’s name becomes known on a global scale, it has the power to influence people they have not interacted with and have no desire to do so. Every well-known person has their fair share of dedicated followers.


1. Nicolas Cage

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During production of Bringing Out the Dead, the actor claimed that he was followed by a mime. The mime accompanied Cage everywhere he went, watched him, and behaved in a “weird” manner. The security guards were able to stop the mime, but Cage hasn’t always had such good fortune. A few years later, he awoke a few years later to find a man in a leather jacket licking a Fudgsicle that was hanging above his bed at 2:00 in the morning. Cage was petrified of what might occur and realized right away that the intruder was mentally ill. Cage used what he called “verbal judo” to bring the man under control and convince him to leave quietly.

2. Eddie Vedder

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A car once crashed into the house that Eddie Vedder calls home. She was traveling 50 mph, and Vedder knew who she was. Before her automobile crashed through his wall, he’d been getting her letters. The letters contained accusations that were beyond comprehension. Vedder fooled her into thinking he was their father.

3. Conan O’Brien

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In 2006, Father David Ajemian published his book titled Conan O’Brien. It was the first of many letters that were very similar to this one. Ajemian seemed to imply that only O’Brien would understand what he was trying to convey. Each one had the signature “Your priest stalker” on it. It started off with a few odd notes. After O’Brien failed to respond, Ajemian resorted to violent behavior. He left the note with the words “You owe me big-time, pal” but did not explain why. I require a public confession from you before I can forgive you. Violence ensued.

The man who stalked priests drew parallels between himself and the shooter at Virginia Tech, Seung-Hui Cho. O’Brien heard him say, “Frank Costello dove out of the way of a bullet in your building, and so can you.” Soon after, there were more letters. Ajemian pounded on the door of O’Brien’s parents, and they responded by opening it. Conan was threatened by the individual, but no one was hurt. However, he was apprehended as he attempted to sneak into O’Brien’s program while it was being taped.


4. Hugh Jackman

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Katherine Thurston declared that she was interested in marrying Jackman despite the fact that they had never met. Thurston was quoted as saying, “Having two wives is not against the law.” The only problem she had was with Thurston’s beard. She went completely insane as a result of Jackman’s insistence on going around with stubble. After waiting outside, she followed him inside his gym, and while she was there, he noticed that she was using an electric razor. Because her pubic hairs were caught in the blades, she gave off the appearance of being insane.

Thurston asked, “Are we going to get married?” She used a razor to cut him, and she didn’t even wait for a response before she did it. To our relief, a personal trainer was able to hold her down until the police arrived. When they arrived, Thurston had not shown any signs of repentance. She believed that her attack was warranted and used it. “I detested his facial hair,” she remarked.

5. Sean Penn

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In 1987, Sean’d been violent and unsafe by punching an extra in the head and driving dangerously. Soon after, he found himself locked up alongside some strange inmates. Richard “Night Stalker” Ramirez was found guilty of the murder of 13 people. Ramirez desired to have a celebrity in his domain, so he instructed a deputy to write Penn a letter. He penned the following message: “Stay strong and hit them again, Sean.”

He had also scribbled “666” underneath it, along with a sketch of a pentagram and a devil. Penn found it especially unsettling that the artist thought they might be related to each other. Penn responded by saying that he did not feel “any affinity” with the serial killer. He penned the following in his letter: “I hope gas descends before sanity.” It’d be kinder. He took the letter from Ramirez home with him and kept it.


6. Kevin Smith

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This is Harley Quinn. When Smith, who was 16 at the time, was waiting for an Uber, a Jeep that had an Uber sticker on it pulled up. Two men gruffly said, “Get in.” The young woman hesitated because the men struck her as being peculiar. She tried to find out who the men were picking up, but they wouldn’t tell her. She inquired as to whether or not they had the Uber app, but the answer was no. A man’s voice could be heard yelling, “Get in the car!” While Smith was thinking about it, another car with an Uber sign in the window pulled up to pick up Harley Quinn. While Smith was thinking about it, the car drew up. When the Jeep pulled away, Smith realized they weren’t Uber drivers after all.

7. Sandra Bullock

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In the year 2014, Sandra Bullock discovered an unknown person in her house. Corbett was able to get inside by compromising her security. At the time, he was now yelling and knocking on her bedroom door. After telling her not to worry about him being her husband, he continued to yell at her. Joshua Corbett suffered from insanity and was under the impression that he was Sandra Bullock’s son. He had written her letter after letter, telling her that, according to the law and God’s law, she was his wife and that she belonged to him. Some were dangerous.

Corbett wrote in a letter before breaking into her home, “I’ve waited and waited for you.” “Perhaps things were supposed to turn out differently here.” As the police pulled him away, he had the impression that there had been some sort of misunderstanding. He apologized to the actress, thinking it was a lovers’ spat gone too far. “Please do not charge me anything.”

8. Rebecca Schaeffer

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There is no guarantee that tales of this nature will have a happy ending. In 1989, My Sister Sam actor Rebecca Schaeffer was stalked. Robert Bardo, a psychotic hermit, is the one who murdered Schaeffer, and then he turned his bedroom into a shrine for her. He spent his life in a room surrounded by images of his beloved star, rewatching VHS tapes of her TV appearances. When he saw Schaeffer act out a love scene in Beverly Hills, his admiration for him changed into something else entirely.

Bardo considered this a betrayal. Schaeffer was known as a “whore in Hollywood.” Bardo tracked down her address using the DMV’s website and unexpectedly visited her there. Robert tried to talk his way into Schaeffer’s home by presenting her with an autographed letter, but all he did was give her the creeps. She was so shaken up that she told him never to come back again. After a couple of days, he came back. This time, he concealed a firearm by putting it in a brown paper bag. Another attempt was made by Schaeffer, but Bardo killed her because she was moving too slowly.