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9 Celebrities Were Involved In Explicit Content Before Becoming Big Stars

Prior to their rise to fame, many famous people have been known to engage in activities that are not appropriate for all audiences. They ended their career in one wa




Prior to their rise to fame, many famous people have been known to engage in activities that are not appropriate for all audiences. They ended their career in one way or another, but they succeeded in gaining attention, which led to them gaining both popularity and financial success. A number of well-known actors and actresses got their start in the entertainment industry by appearing in adult films or other media containing explicit material.

The important thing is that these famous people have put the past in the past and are moving on with their lives. Actors such as Jon Hamm, Cameron Diaz, and Channing Tatum pushed themselves to work in a variety of film genres and absolutely killed it in each one. They are now establishing a name for themselves thanks to their abilities and the effort that they have put in.


In addition, some famous people even managed to advance their careers by capitalizing on the negative publicity surrounding their sexual misconduct. Consider the star of the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” for instance. When her sex tape was leaked without her consent in 2007, Kim professionally turned the negative press into a goldmine, making her name popular worldwide. As of the month of July 2022, she is successful as a socialite, media personality, and businesswoman, and her net worth is estimated to be $1.8 billion.

#1 Kim Kardashian

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During the time that Kim Kardashian was in a relationship with the singer Ray J, the two of them created a sex tape for their own private enjoyment. However, in 2007, without Kim’s knowledge or consent, that tape was made public, which led to Kim’s instantaneous rise to fame. But Kim was able to turn the negative press into positive attention, which helped her career reach a new plateau.

#2 Channing Tatum

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You might have heard that the star of Magic Mike used to work as a male stripper in his previous life. During an interview in 2015, he described that time in his life as “dark.” He continued by saying, “I am not sure I could recommend it.”

#3 Cameron Diaz

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Before she became famous for her role in Charlie’s Angels, the actress had a starring role in an adult film. When she gained recognition in movies like The Mask, she tried to stop the circulation of the footage. Diaz was required to make a $3.5 million payment to the video’s owners in order to destroy it. The actress is no longer active in the acting industry.

#4 Sasha Grey

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When she first began her career, Sasha Grey was a porn actress. Gery has been working in the adult entertainment industry for the past 5 years and has won a total of 13 awards for her work. She stopped working in the porn industry in 2011, when she was 21 years old. The actress has since pursued her acting career and starred in “The Girlfriend Experience”, “Entourage” and “I Melt With You”.

#5 Jon Hamm

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Did you know that the Mad Men actor worked as a set dresser on some x-rated film sets before making it big in Hollywood? He described his job as “soul-crushing” in an interview that took place in 2014.

#6 David Duchovny

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“Red Shoe Diaries” is an anthology erotic drama series that aired from 1992 to 1997. In addition, X-Files star David Duchovny served as host for an incredible 66 episodes of the show. However, to be completely fair, he never exposed himself while on the show. The actor stated the following in an interview that he gave to MEL Magazine in 2019: “Ultimately, I could have told myself many things, but I needed a job. I wasn’t being presented with a large number of options.” “ “Wow, a job!” he exclaimed after hearing it.

#7 Helen Mirren

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In an interview with The New York Times, the legendary actress said: “I was pretty young when I made that — not physically so much as experienced in film. And, you are aware of what? It was a very enjoyable adventure. In many respects, it was very much like being cast down into Dante’s Inferno.


#8 Matt LeBlanc

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#9 Jackie Chan

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