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9 Celebrity Family Quarrels That Went Totally Public

Even though famous people’s families might not be identical to ours in every aspect, the method they sometimes get along and sometimes don’t is comparable to ours. I




1. The Jonas Brothers

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When the three of them announced in 2013 that they were going to stop performing together, many of their followers were taken aback and dismayed. Despite this, they chose to put their family ahead of everything else. The brothers have now stated, in a number of interviews, that the stress of being in a band together harmed their relationship with one another. On the other hand, given that they have returned, the break appears to have been effective. That certainly brings a sigh of relief. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Jonas brothers, so seeing them get back together again fills me with joy beyond measure.

2. Justin Bieber and His Mother

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3. Ariel Winter and Her Mother

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Ariel Winter filed a complaint of domestic violence against her mother, Crystal Workman, in 2012 and was granted an injunction against her. She asserted that her mother had subjected her to both physical and emotional abuse throughout her childhood. Winter asserts that she and her mother do not communicate with one another despite the fact that she achieved legal independence from her mother before the age of eighteen.

4. Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé Kardashian

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Fights between members of the Kardashian family have frequently been publicized and have taken place in the spotlight. One of the most intense arguments that has ever been shown on Keeping Up with the Kardashians was between these three sisters. Because of all the tension, Kim and Kourtney eventually got into a physical fight with one another.

5. Julia Roberts and Eric Roberts

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In spite of the fact that Julia Roberts is arguably the most famous actress in Hollywood, her relationship with her brother Eric is fraught with tension. His struggles with substance addiction eventually drove a wedge between them, despite the fact that in the 1990s they had shared a very close relationship. It would appear that they have found a way to resolve their differences, at least for the time being.

6. Jay-Z/Beyoncé and Solange

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In 2014, Solange assaulted Jay-Z while they were both attending the Met Gala. The artist and his sister-in-law have a pleasant relationship with one another. After witnessing the consequences that result when one does not get along with Solange, I can understand why HOV would comply. The relationship between Beyoncé and Solange was temporarily disrupted. After the elevator incident was caught on camera, Solange removed her sister’s Instagram images from her own account. In the end, they were able to put their differences behind them and reconcile, saying that “Families have problems, and we’re no different.”

7. Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight

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Over the course of their history together, they have had a tumultuous relationship. At some point in her life, Jolie decided to drop the “Voight” portion of her surname. In response to this, I asked John what was wrong, and he said that his daughter had a mental illness. It would appear that this daughter’s relationship with her father, from whom she had been estranged for a very long time, has significantly improved. Jolie has revealed that Voight was supportive of her following her divorce from Brad Pitt and that he is a wonderful grandfather to her children.

8. Serena and Venus Williams

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Even though it is more accurate to describe their competition as a rivalry rather than an outright conflict, tennis fans will find it fascinating to watch these two incredible athletes go head-to-head on the court. Even in a head-to-head match, Serena beat her sibling at the 2020 Top Seed Open.

9. Adele and Her Father

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When Adele was only three years old, her parents went through with a divorce. Adele made the analogy between her manager and her father during the speech she gave to accept the Grammy Award for 2017. By the time she had finished speaking, it was abundantly clear that she did not consider Mark Evans to be her biological father.