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9 Creepiest Gifts Celebrities Received From Fans

As it turns out, becoming a celebrity requires more than just the glitz and glamor that one might anticipate being involved in the process. There is a possibility th




As it turns out, becoming a celebrity requires more than just the glitz and glamor that one might anticipate being involved in the process. There is a possibility that, in a great number of cases, it will also come with challenges. Some fans take their obsessions to an unhealthy level, going so far as to engage in behavior that is frequently incomprehensible in order to demonstrate how much they care about the superstars that they follow.


1. Avril Lavigne – Dead Rabbit

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During one of the tours she did to promote her album, Avril was given a dead rabbit as a gift. Because the fan had not left a note, Avril had no way of knowing what they wanted. On the other hand, there are those who believe that if you see a rabbit, it will bring you good luck. Like the title of her debut album suggests, Avril let go and moved on from the incident, but it’s unlikely that she’s opened any more “weird presents” since then.

2. Jonas Brothers – Preserved Baby Shark

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Fans have broken into the hotel rooms of the Jonas Brothers and presented them with bizarre presents, including a baby shark that had been preserved. A gift was sent to the brothers from a supporter who was attending one of their shows. A young shark was stuffed and placed in a tube for preservation. The brothers were at a loss as to what they should do with the gift. It was written in a letter, “Here’s a shark that’s been killed.” The question “how” the fan obtained it was the most important question.

3. Tricia Helfer – Sperm

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The incident took place when the fan mail was being opened. She didn’t realize what was missing until she looked at the rest of the letter’s contents, which included a photo of a man, woman, and child, a syringe filled with white liquid, and indications that the fan wanted her to start a family with him as soon as possible. Tricia felt uneasy and afraid after the encounter, so she told a coworker about it. After the event, the police were called. When the detectives found the creepy fan, Tricia didn’t say what happened to him after they found him. Iggy Azalea, like Tricia Helfer, had her aide steal the sperm that was intended for her because it was addressed to Tricia Helfer.

4. Ed Sheeran – Cake With Human Hair

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Sheeran never turns down food, and he accepts a fan’s cake thinking it was a tasty surprise and kind present. Sheeran discovered clumps of the woman’s hair hidden inside the cake, which came as a pleasant surprise to him. Sheeran is under the impression that the fan was attempting to “get inside” him. Sheeran’s desire to avoid another embarrassing situation has caused him to become less enthusiastic about cake.

5. Kesha – Teeth

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The request that Kesha has made does not strike one as being out of character. She begged them to give her real teeth so that she could use them to make something while she was receiving treatment for her eating disorder. Her supporters sent her almost one thousand teeth. Kesha made a bra, headpiece, earrings, and a necklace from the chompers. Her record Warrior headdress is made out of the teeth of her supporters. A fan brought Kesha a baby tooth, which she converted into a necklace. It was there that she began her collection of teeth. At long last, she amassed a huge collection of fan teeth.

6. 2 PM – Letter With Menstrual Blood

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7. Zac Efron – Human Skin

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Zac Efron did not put in an audition for the part that sounds like it belongs in a horror movie. Due to his participation in Disney’s High School Musical flicks and his subsequent fame, Efron has had his fair share of fan interactions, from receiving messages to having them drop gifts in his mailbox. One of Efron’s fans even sent him a piece of the woman’s flesh. When the actor opened one of the envelopes containing fan mail, he discovered skin. Now that he has received skin, he has no idea how he should react to it, so he just laughs about the story.

8. Jared Leto – Human Ear

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One of the band’s fans even sent the actor and vocalist of 30 Seconds to Mars his severed ear. In a 2013 interview, Leto said he found a severed human ear and a note asking, “Are you listening?” There was neither any further explanation nor any indication of who the sender was. Leto tweeted a picture of his fan’s morbid present and wore the ear as a necklace. In spite of the fact that he utilized the ear, Leto requested no further body parts.

9. Dolly Parton – A Baby

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