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9 Hilariously Secret Hobbies Of Your Favorite Celebrities

It’s embarrassingly simple to forget that famous people have lives and passions beyond their careers. On the other hand, we find that many of them are quite comparab




It is embarrassingly easy to forget that famous people have lives outside of their careers, including things like hobbies and interests. On the other hand, we find that many of them are quite comparable to us in many ways. Do you know that in addition to being a well-known actor, Julia Roberts is also a well-known knitter? If not, you should learn. It’s not just you. Neither one of us was aware of it. It is not unheard of for famous people to have interests outside of their work; however, given the privileges they have, it begs the question of how they utilize their free time when they are not working.


1. Johnny Depp: Barbie collections

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Johnny’s daughter is the one who got him interested in the Barbie brand when they played with Barbies together. Even after she lost interest in the dolls, Depp did not want to get rid of them because he felt that they held significant sentimental value for him. Because of his growing collection of Barbies, he needs a separate space to store them.

2. Katy Perry: Collecting other celebrities’ hair

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In the past, Katy Perry has revealed that she enjoys the hobby of collecting locks of hair from other famous people. Her handbag is where all of the items are kept. The fact that she enjoys the thrill of the situation despite being aware of how unsettling it is is the most surprising aspect of the whole thing.

3. Ryan Gosling: Knitting

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4. Mike Tyson: Attends pigeon pageants

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5. Tom Hanks: Collects vintage typewriters

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6. Brad Pitt: Pottery

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After going through a difficult divorce, Brad Pitt started sculpting and working with ceramics as a way to express himself and help him heal. However, in the present, it functions as a method of expressing oneself. He finds himself so engrossed in it that he doesn’t want to give up on it.

7. Angelina Jolie: Collecting Daggers

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8. Rosario Dawson: Star Trek

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There’s no denying that Rosario Dawson is a sharp cookie, but did you know she’s also a great Star Trek nerd? The actress attends Comic-Con on a regular basis for the purpose of having fun and has even been overheard providing a few Klingon phrases. Does that mean you are able to communicate in two languages? This is the conclusion that we’ve come to.

9. Penelope Cruz: Collecting coat hangers

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It’s so far out there that it makes no sense at all. Cruz disclosed that he had approximately 500 coat hangers in his possession, all of which were made of plastic and varied in size and shape. Even though we don’t fully understand her interest in this activity, we might be able to get a better handle on the hangers that she uses to store her extensive collection of high-end clothing.