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9 Hilariously Unique Nicknames From Your Actors

Is the fact that you have an unusual moniker the single most annoying thing in your life? If that’s the case, hopefully this will put a smile on your face. A number




But you might not want your moniker to be public knowledge when you’ve made it to your celebrity level. What a waste! The following is a list of famous people, along with some of the catchiest nicknames associated with them. And now, for your amusement, here is a list of nine hilariously original nicknames that have been given to some of your favorite celebrities.


1. Leonardo DiCaprio: Lover

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2. Jennifer Aniston: Jenny Louise and Floosh

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3. Tom Hiddleston: Hiddles

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4. Hugh Jackman: Sticks

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Hugh Jackman’s friends made fun of his short legs to the point where it damaged his sense of himself and his self-esteem. His performance in the role was so spot-on that we can’t think of a better moniker for him.

5. Bella Thorne: Pickle

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6. Nick Jonas: Old Man Jonas

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7. David Beckham: Golden Balls

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It is safe to say that something of this nature is extremely unusual and uncommon. Because of this, Victoria Beckham refers to her husband as “Golden balls” all the time. Her speculation is that his ability to make a U-turn is to blame for this situation.

8. Daniel Craig: James Blonde

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Be prepared for a cute moniker if you are one of James Bond’s agents who is the fairest and blondest of the bunch. Daniel Craig is more often known as James Blonde because of this.

9. Henry Cavill: Fat Cavill

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It’s hard to believe, but when Henry Cavill was younger, people used to make fun of him by calling him “Fat Cavill.” Cavill’s childhood friends gave him that moniker because he was so heavy; it’s hard to think that the actor who plays Superman now was plump.