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9 Secrets Hidden In Well-Known Logos




Take a look in every direction. If you are not currently gazing at a number of company logos scratched into everything we possess, you probably are not in some type of wilderness. However, have you ever taken the time to notice that the actual logos contain elements that are obscured from view? A great number of well-known logos that we encounter virtually every day have their roots in mystical concepts. Some logos contain secret messages and symbols that were created by designers expressly to draw attention to well-known firms.

#1. Tesla Motors

Source: Tesla / wikimedia

In July 2004, engineers Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard founded Tesla Motors. By utilizing the inventor’s name, the company shows its respect for Nikola Tesla, who was born in Serbia.


#2. Versace

Source: Gianni Versace S.p.A. / wikipedia

#3. Quiksilver

Source: Quiksilver / wikimedia

#4. Uncle Ben’s

Source: Mars, Inc. / wikipedia

The well-known brand of parboiled rice and other goods made its debut on the market in the United States for the very first time in 1943. In addition, ever since 1946, the picture of an elderly black gentleman accessorized with a bow tie has been used as the company’s logo. The figure is said to have been inspired by a Chicago maitre d’hôtel by the name of Frank Brown, according to one of the urban legends.

When the owners of the company saw him while they were eating dinner in a Chicago hotel, they decided to pay him a sum of money in exchange for the authorization to use his likeness as a trademark for their company.

#5. Disney

Source: The Walt Disney Company

Very few people are aware that the “falling star” in the Peter Pan illustration is actually Tinker Bell flying above the castle.

#6. Kisses

Source: Thehersheycompany

The candy that looks like a drop is hidden behind the Hershey’s Kisses logo, which is a well-known brand of chocolate produced in the United States.

#7. The Laughing Cow

Source: The Bel Group / wikipedia

The happy cow in the Laughing Cow logo is wearing earrings with a photo of another happy cow wearing the same earrings with a picture of another happy cow, and so on indefinitely. The emblem retains its mysterious and enduring quality thanks to a phenomenon known as the Droste effect.

#8. LUK

Source: Lukoil / wikimedia

The name is a portmanteau formed by combining the word “oil” with the initials LUK (which stands for Langepas, Uray, and Kogalym, three cities that produce oil).

#9. NASA

Source: National Aeronautics and Space Administration / wikimedia
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