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9 Stars Who Hooked Up With Back-Up Dancers

Dating a coworker is a poor idea, and everyone knows it. What could possibly go wrong? Having to deal with them on a daily basis will not help you move on with your




Everyone is aware that dating someone you work with is not a good idea, and you should not do it. What could possibly go wrong? Having to deal with them on a daily basis will not help you move on with your life. In spite of this fact, celebrities are notorious for dating other actors in the industry. It’s always possible to quit your job, but if you’re playing the lead roles in a hit movie franchise, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to just up and walk out on everything at once. However, it’s not just actors who get romantically involved with their coworkers.

It is not unusual for musicians with a global following to cultivate romantic feelings for the dancers who are performing in the background. Just consider: the dancers are gorgeous, in shape, and available at all times because they are on tour. I mean, it’s not like anything could possibly go wrong, is it? In the event that things did not go as planned, the majority of musicians could have their one-night stand terminated and replaced within an hour. The dancer is exposing themselves to a higher level of danger. If the chance to go on a date with a well-known musician ever presented itself, it would be difficult to refuse the proposition. It’s possible that it could turn into a romantic relationship down the road.


1. Mariah Carey

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After her breakup with James Parker, Mariah Carey didn’t have to wait long to find love again. The man Mariah has been seeing is Bryan Tanaka, a backup dancer who has been familiar with her for a number of years. In the very first episode of EWorld, Tanaka was featured prominently. !’s At the beginning of the episode, Mariah’s Tanaka is certain to accompany Mariah on tour, and she is attempting to restrict the other options available to her. It came as a surprise to everyone when Mariah and Parker announced that they were planning to get married.

2. Jennifer Lopez – 2 Times

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Casper Smart, who was Jennifer Lopez’s backup dancer, and Lopez have once again parted ways. Since 2011, the two have had an irregular dating relationship. Casper shares a close relationship with J. Lo’s two children, Max and Emme, from her marriage to Marc Anthony in the past, and he has traveled on tour with their mother. Jennifer Lopez tied the knot for the second time with one of her dancers in the year 2001. When she was filming the music video for her smash hit “Love Don’t Cost A Thing,” she had her first encounter with Cris Judd. They tied the knot in September 2001, but just a little over a year later, they decided to end their relationship.

3. Britney Spears – 2 Times

9 Stars Who Hooked Up With Back-Up Dancers 11

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The fact that Britney Spears had a romantic relationship with one of her dancers is common knowledge at this point. They had a fiery attraction but split up after a surprise wedding, two kids, and a flop reality show starring Kevin Federline. An encounter that lasted only a short time but did take place nonetheless. In 2003, Britney Spears and Columbus Short, one of her dancers, were spotted kissing even though Short was already married. Scandalous!

4. Christina Aguilera

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Christina Aguilera dated actor Jorge Santos, whom she referred to as her “first love,” after the two worked together on a number of music videos during the years 2000 and 2001. They continued to work together after they had broken up, which is evidence that their breakup had a positive outcome. It is speculated that Aguilera’s romantic involvement with Santos was the source of inspiration for two of her songs, namely “Infatuated” and “Underappreciated.”

5. Madonna

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In 2010, the famous musician developed feelings for a backup dancer he had met onstage while she was performing with her daughter Lourdes. While Madonna was 30 years older than Brahim Zaibat, that didn’t stop them from having sizzling chemistry.

6. Justin Bieber

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In 2015, The Biebs was cuddling up to one of his backup dancers, Elysandra Quinones. Even though it has only been rumored that they are romantically involved with one another, neither party has denied the speculation.

7. Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande had a relationship with one of her dancers at one point in time. In July of 2016, after dating for about a year, Ariana and Ricky Alvarez called it quits.

8. Prince

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9. R. Kelly

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R. Kelly wed one of his backup dancers and choreographers, Andrea Lee, in 1996, following the annulment of his marriage to Aaliyah, who was too young to legally marry at the time of their wedding. Even after he was accused of child pornography and stood trial in 2007, she continued to be with him. As a result, they were able to have three children together. Andrea has been featured on episodes of the VH1 reality show Hollywood Exes ever since the couple divorced in 2009, which was after they had been married for a total of 13 years.