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9 Wildest And Weirdest Pastimes Of Celebrities

Hobbies, no matter how bizarre or unusual, provide individuals with a wonderful opportunity to express themselves in their spare time. Despite the wild lifestyles th




However, many famous people prefer to keep their hobbies and interests a secret. You are going to be astounded when you read about the peculiar pastimes that famous people enjoy, and it will make you want to get rid of your stamp collection right away. The following is a list of the nine celebrities who have the most unusual hobbies.

1. George Clooney

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Fans flocked to Reddit in order to watch George Clooney’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) from 2014, during which he revealed experiences such as playing basketball with Leonardo DiCaprio and being pranked by Brad Pitt. A lot of people were taken aback when Clooney revealed how he spends his spare time. Cobbling is one of Clooney’s most beloved pastimes. “I make shoes for a living.” He claimed that he is a better cobbler than the actor Daniel Day-Lewis, who enjoys the craft as well. Even though it’s unclear how the Oscar-winning actor got started in the shoemaking business, at least he has a fallback option.

2. Jared Leto

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This musician and actor are one of Hollywood’s hottest guys, and he makes a good-looking woman. When playing a transsexual woman in the film Dallas Buyers Club, Leto donned women’s clothing for the first time. Because he was so dedicated to his work, he started wearing fishnets and high heels on a daily basis—even to the supermarket. He considered donning this to the Academy Awards ceremony. The actor went through yet another transformation for the photo shoot with Candy magazine. Our suspicion is that he was the one who killed it. On the other hand, it’s not quite as crazy as his Joker getup.

3. Hunter S. Thompson

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4. Bill Murray

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5. Nicolas Cage

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This actor has some peculiar habits and is a comic book collector. Cage collects everything, but only a select few are aware of this fact. This performer from National Treasure amasses his collection of treasures. Nicolas Cage has recently added a dinosaur skull, a shrunken pygmy head, and an octopus to his collection. Cage has a spectacular pyramid grave at St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 in New Orleans, with an alligator, a shark, and two king cobras. Nine Rolls-Royces, 30 motorcycles, a castle, a haunted mansion, and a private island are among the actor’s possessions. Cage has gotten himself into a financial bind as a result of his excessive spending. What should I do now?

6. Drake

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Drake is a musician as well as a fan of sports. He is very well connected in the NBA and is known to regularly attend games. Drake has an even deeper appreciation for the game. Die Antwoord’s Ninja recalls hanging out with Kanye West and playing hoops at Drake’s house. According to Ninja, Drake took this casual game way too seriously, as evidenced by his choice to wear an NBA headband. Drake would record his games and then spend a significant amount of time editing together the best footage possible. That would be incredibly exciting for us to witness.

7. James Franco

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In addition to painting and performing art, Franco has also published a collection of short stories and holds a certificate for private piloting. Because Franco didn’t have enough things to keep him occupied, he decided to start teaching in his spare time. The year 2011 marked Franco’s debut as a professor of film at both NYU and USC. Rate My Professor rated his course as having a low difficulty level. Some called him compassionate, motivating, and “one of NYU’s best instructors.” In 2015, Franco was a teacher at Palo Alto High School, where he instructed a film class. The lecture given by Professor Franco was not missed.

8. Norman Reedus Like Breast Implants

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a Walking Dead star has strange interests. Fans of Norman Reedus are just as insane as everyone else. One fan went so far as to give her idol one of her breast implants as a gift. The silicone “gesture of devotion” quickly turned into a prized possession. Reedus liked this gift so much that he soon got the sister implant. His exact words were, “I want additional breast implants.” Please send additional breast implants. While the actor was joking, who knows how many more he’ll get?

9. Marilyn Manson

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