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A Grandpa With Cancer Gets Comfort From His Cat

Once you’ve formed a strong friendship with your cat, it’s nearly impossible to maintain a neutral stance toward it. Cats are loyal companions who can..



Once you’ve established a strong friendship with your cat, it’s nearly impossible to maintain a neutral stance toward it. Cats are affectionate, perceptive, and special because they always want to be in close proximity to us no matter where we are. If you’re a cat owner, you know how comforting it is when your feline friend comes to you when you’re feeling down. Cats are the only animals that can truly understand us, whether we’ve had a particularly trying day at the office or are running on fumes. When we look into their big eyes and they nudge us with a paw or lick us, we can’t help but feel a rush of love. They are the people we can always count on to be there for us and support us no matter what comes our way.

The story we’re going to tell you today features such a situation. You never know when you’ll need to reach for a tissue. This is it.


Kelly Nugent, the protagonist of this tale, moved her two Scottish Fold cats from Miami to New York to be closer to the person she considers to be her best friend. As it turns out, her father is her closest confidant. Kelly’s father and best friend was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer, and after much thought, she decided to uproot her life, pack her belongings, and take care of him in another state. She jumped on the first available flight to be with her ailing father during his chemotherapy sessions. It was around this time that a strange occurrence took place. Sweet Potato (also known as Tato), one of Kelly’s cats, developed an unhealthy attachment to her ailing father. He never abandoned the sick man in his time of need, remaining by his side at all hours of the night and day.

Let’s get into the story in detail! All of us here could experience a whirlwind of feelings as a result of this.


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1. The father and the Tato!

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A couple of months ago, when Kelly first learned that her father had bone marrow cancer, she was devastated. It’s understandable that, as a daughter, she would prefer to be close to her father during this trying time rather than far away.

2. Look at them just enjoying each others company

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She picked up and moved over a thousand kilometres back to her father with her two adorable cats after hearing the news.

3. Tato: I shall sleep here, furr-ever and always

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Kelly’s dad seemed troubled, and Sweet Potato jumped at the chance to help.

5. Umm, where is my drink grandpa?

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This is not just a fictional account. There have been studies and investigations to back this up. Recent studies have shown that cat ownership can have beneficial effects on your physical and mental well-being by reducing stress. In addition, it was discovered that having a cat in the home can reduce one’s risk of developing several forms of cardiovascular disease, including stroke, by about 30%. It’s clear that, with a solid bond, humans can reap many benefits from cats’ presence.

6. Excuse me, sir, why are you watching the telly?

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Kelly Nugent said in an interview that her daughter Sweet Potato is “attached at the hip” to her father two months after his arrival:

She described it as “the cutest thing you could ever see” because she knew her dog, Sweet Potato, could tell that something was wrong and that he was needed. Therefore, he took charge and declared, “This is my job now. I intend to aid in your recovery. Like he was expecting it.


7. It’s like Sweet Potato knew it was now his job to help his dad out of this situation

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8. Nugent’s dad thought of himself as a dog person rather than a cat person but Sweet Potato proved him wrong

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9. This pair is now inseparable and does anything and everything together.

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My dad sits in a recliner and rests his arm on the armrest; whenever he does this, Sweet Potato bounds up into the little nook and cuddles up to him. He prefers to rest in his own bed or room. Sweet Potato likes to hop up on the keyboard whenever my dad is working on the computer. My cat Sweet Potato has a bad habit of sitting on the papers that my dad is working on whenever he sits down at the table to do some paperwork. The only thing he needs to do is be on top of him,” Nugent said during an interview.

10. Nugent shared TikToks of her father and Sweet Potato hanging out together and we can’t get enough of them!

11. Here is Kelly’s dad petting Sweet Potato and looking healthier

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See how the cat influences his grandfather! In his presence, he appears to have regained his youthful vitality. It’s true what they say about cats being man’s best friend.

12. Sweet Potato and Dad do everything together, stick to each other’s sides and even play golf together!

13. This lap was made for me – Tato

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14. They even read the newspaper together

mediaman reading newspaper
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15. Look at them playing

mediaman and cat playing
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The pride that this story inspires in us is palpable. This is the story of how one cat got a man back on his feet. This story provides evidence that cats are often their people’s first line of defence when they are in trouble, feeling down, sick, or exhausted. Research has shown that cats are, without a doubt, very good healers, and Sweet Potato is just one example of such behaviour.

16. And here’s them playing golf!

17. People have even started to notice similarities between them

mediacat and man look alike
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Their mustaches look alike!

18. Leave your work grandpa!

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Focus on me instead.

19. Here is Tato, giving unconditional support to his grandpa!

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Nugent says this about her father and cat: “I really think the emotional support of Sweet Potato and the cuddles and just being there—had it’s a huge impact on him.”

20. “Nugent said that since Sweet Potato started ‘nursing’ her father, his health has significantly improved, he is close to remission and he is set up for a Bone Marrow transplant in June”

21. And last, the two grumpies, looking out for each other!

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Interaction with a friendly and docile cat has been shown to have positive effects on both physical and mental health. Modern society couldn’t function without the help of therapy pets, which is why they’re so crucial to our mental health. Multiple studies have shown that cats are good for our health. In conclusion, cat ownership is always recommended. This story should be conclusive evidence, but if it isn’t, we don’t know what is.

Do you know of a similar tale? What do you think? Tell us in the comments!