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A London, Ontario, Dog Owner’s Guide to Trails, Parks, Beaches, and Hotels

Dogs are welcome in London, Ontario, which has a lot of lovely, open spaces for your pets to run about in. Examine all of your alternatives for spendi..



Dogs are welcome in London, Ontario, which has a lot of lovely, open spaces for your pets to run about in. Examine all of your alternatives for spending time with your pet, including dog parks, hikes, bars, and pet-friendly lodging. Here is a manual with all the information you require.

The Best Dog Parks



For a fast romp and tonnes of fun dog watching, an off-leash dog park is perfect.


Off-leash Parks:

  • Caesars Off-Leash Area
  • Greenway Off-Leash Area
  • Stoney Creek Off-leash Area
  • Pottersburg Off-Leash Area
  • Dog Park Campbell Memorial Off-Leash Area


Your dogs will have plenty of room to run around at Pottersburg Off-Leash Dog Park. In addition, the park has enormous dog bone sculptures, a bird observation area, and in the winter, it resembles a winter wonderland.


Take Your Dog Hiking With You



There are several places to explore in the area of London, Ontario, if you’re searching for an easy to moderately easy hike where you may bring your dog or if you’re new to hiking. Always keep your dog on a leash when hiking out of consideration for other hikers.



On the route, you’re likely to run into other hikers, so it’s advisable to keep your dog on a leash for everyone’s safety and comfort. Always keep your dog’s requirements in mind before starting a hike.


Considerations before the hike:




    Relatively Easy On-leash Hikes: 




      The Best Canine Beaches for a Day of Fun with Your Dog


      Enjoy the lake views if you want to get away from the city. The distance to the closest beach is under one hour. At the dog beach and pet-friendly exercise area, your four-legged buddy will feel free to run in the sand and swim in the water. Additionally, your dog will enjoy the automobile ride there. Both people and dogs enjoy and benefit from trips to the beach.



      Enjoy Port Burwell Provincial Park’s lovely, pet-friendly sandy beach, which is situated on the lake’s northern shore. Visit the pet-friendly town of Port Stanley on your way home. Although dogs are not permitted on Port Stanley Beach, there are numerous eateries and bars that do, including The Barnacles Beerhouse. The detour is worthwhile!



      Have Dog, Will Travel


      There are several places to stay where you can bring your pet and be close to dog parks, hiking trails, and dining options if you’re visiting London, Ontario. It’s wise to call beforehand and confirm the service’s availability.



      Pet-friendly hotels 

        Make a virtual vet appointment in London, Ontario if your pet has a medical emergency or needs to be examined. At your convenience, Vetster will put you in touch with some of the greatest licenced veterinarians. It takes under five minutes to make an online appointment.

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