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Animals in Africa: Top 5 Symbolic Species In The Wildlife

The continent of Africa is the second largest one on the entire planet. It is well-known for the biological diversity that it contains, in particular the wild animal



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Africa is home to a significant number of national parks and safaris across the continent. These are restricted areas where people can safely observe animals going about their daily lives in their natural environments without fear of harm. Among thousands of animals in Africa, we picked the top 5 which represent this continent to the fullest. Let’s take a look at it down here, shall we?


#1. Rhinocero

Animals in Africa: Top 5 Symbolic Species In The Wildlife 1
Source: Anywhere We Roam

The animal is frequently referred to by its abbreviated name, which is rhino. The horns of a rhinoceros make it easy to identify the animal. White rhinos and black rhinos are the two varieties of rhinos that can be found. They can weigh up to one thousand kilograms, making them one of the heaviest land animals on the planet. Due to poaching for their horns, the rhino population had decreased drastically in the 1990s. Their horns have been cut off and sold to various countries in East Asia, including China and Vietnam. After several campaigns and activities against this crime, rhinos have been increasing in population steadily. In spite of this, they continue to be a species of concern that requires protection.

#2. Leopard

Animals in Africa: Top 5 Symbolic Species In The Wildlife 2
Source: Anywhere We Roam

They are regarded as one of the most important species of big cats. The Saharan desert is home to a large population of leopards. Anyways it is hard to spot them in the day lights since these animals mostly hide in caves and lie on trees. Their coat makes for an excellent disguise that blends in perfectly with the sand dunes. It is only during the night that they venture out to hunt for their food. Leopards are notoriously dangerous animals, but they are unable to climb, swim, bite, or pull prey that is three times their weight onto trees. They are also susceptible to extinction and their population is dwindling due to the destruction of their natural habitats.

#3. Elephant

Animals in Africa: Top 5 Symbolic Species In The Wildlife 3
Source: Anywhere We Roam

Elephants found in Africa are the largest land mammals in the world. They are known to live in herds that can contain up to one hundred individuals, which could make for an interesting sight in the wild. Because of the symbolic value of the ivory tusks on their heads, elephants are poached for the same reason that rhino horns are. Illegal trading wildlife parts like tusks is the main reason that so many wild animals in Africa are declining to extinction.

#4. Giraffe

Source: Anywhere We Roam

#5. Lion

Source: Anywhere We Roam