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Animals Of Madagascar: The Oddest Species On Earth

The people of Madagascar are familiar with the popular film series produced by DreamWorks and also the fascinating baobab trees. Thanks to its separation from Africa



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The people of Madagascar are familiar with the popular film series produced by DreamWorks and also the fascinating baobab trees. It was millions of years ago when Africa and India became separated from Australia, which allowed for the significant development of Australia’s biological diversity. It is possible that we will see some of the most bizarre animals that are native to Madagascar here on this island.

This country, which is home to a wide variety of bizarre plant and animal species, is often referred to as the eighth continent. It is completely different from its two neighboring continents, which are Asia and Africa. In addition, the people who live on this island have never identified as being of African descent; rather, they have more in common with people from South and Southeast Asia. During the 18th and 19th centuries, this location developed into a hotspot for the discovery and study of various species of wild animals. Then scientists found this island is amazingly different from the rest of the world. It had the most foreboding landscape they had ever encountered, and the animals there were unlike anything they had ever seen before. To this day, explorers from all over the world consider Madagascar to be the most exciting place they’ve ever visited. Keep scrolling to learn more about the unique creatures that call Madagascar home!

#1. Sifaka lemurs

Source: Jacada Travel

Lemurs are endemic to the island of Madagascar. There are more than one hundred different species of lemurs in that area. Lemurs mean ghosts as these animals are slow and mostly active at night. Sifaka lemurs are the most well-known of those particular lemurs. They resemble small monkeys with black faces, white fur, and long legs, and the fur is white. They spend the majority of their lives in the trees and only occasionally descend to the ground. Because of the way in which they leap, they are also known as the dancing lemurs.

#2. Ring-tailed lemurs

Source: Jacada Travel

These lemurs are considered to be the national animals of this island nation. The fictional character King Julien, who appears in the Madagascar films, is a member of this species. Their tails, which can be either black or white, are the most distinguishing feature of these creatures. They spend most of their time on the ground, in contrast to sifaka lemurs, which spend most of their time in trees. Because of this, it is possible to spot them when they are out in the wild. It has been said that when they are in safe environments like national parks or safaris, they are friendly and will approach people in order to get food from them.

#3. Goodman’s mouse lemurs

Source: Phys

#4. Blue coua

Source: Pinterest

The other birds on the island are interesting, but this one takes the cake. The color of their plumage can range from dark to light blue. They live in tropical rainforests and get the majority of their nutrition from insects and smaller worms.

#5. Fossa

Source: Jacada Travel

#6. Humpback whales

Source: WWL

From June to October, this sea animal would migrate to the east coast of the island to breed and calve, all the way from Antarctica. Due to the difficulty of traveling to the South Pole, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness the world’s largest animal in its natural habitat.

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