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Animals You Definitely Find When Come To India: A Helpful Guide

India is not only about yoga and Taj Mahal or Bollywood, this subcontinent also serves as a majestic wildlife scene. It ranks as the fifth largest country in the wor



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#1. Bengal Tiger

Animals You Might Find In India: A Helpful Guide 1
Source: The Independent

This animal belongs to the group of significant creatures that can be found in India. The Bengal tiger is one of the largest big cats that can be found anywhere in the world. They are fierce and majestic with beautiful black and orange fur. As a direct result of this, this particular component of their anatomy has become highly sought after, which has led to the illegal slaughter of a significant number of tigers. There was a time when this species was on the verge of extinction, but now, as a result of conservation efforts, there has been a consistent growth in the population. Throughout history, influential people have been known to capture them for the purpose of entertainment or as a means of demonstrating their high status in the society. The preservation of this animal in its natural habitat is an urgent priority for the government of India and other organizations that work to protect wildlife.

#2. Asian Elephant

Animals You Might Find In India: A Helpful Guide 2
Source: ThoughtCo

Another wild animal that is revered for their superior intelligence and affluent social status is the Asian elephant. These elephants are significantly smaller in size compared to their African counterparts, and only the males have tusks. They are found in South Asia (particularly India and Nepal) as well as Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, this species has been facing significant challenges as a result of illegal poaching and the destruction of its natural habitat. Since the turn of the 20th century, there has been a significant drop in the population. The preservation of this magnificent species is also of the utmost importance.

#3. Indian Cobra

Animals You Might Find In India: A Helpful Guide 3
Source: Sci.News

This is one of the most lethal snakes that can be found anywhere in the world. Because of their distinctive sound, they are also known as naja naja. You may already be familiar with them from appearances in a variety of films and television shows, such as Jafar’s Snake in Disney’s Aladdin. There is a widespread presumption that seeing a cobra will bring unfavorable outcomes and even death. In point of fact, the venom produced by this animal is extremely lethal. They can be found anywhere in the United States, including residential and wilderness areas.

#4. Indian Peacock


#5. Snow Leopard

Source: India’s Endangered

This animal is one of the few animals that you have a chance of seeing in India or any of the countries that border it. They inhabit mountainous regions and have developed exceptional climbing and hunting skills as a result of their environment. Its fur is fascinating by the color, just like any big cat species that habitat in high mountains and cold regions. Their robust bodies and thick coats give them an advantage in these harsh environments.