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Beware Of Taking “Poor Kitties” Home Randomly Because They Can Be Super Trickery

Cats have always been seen as mysterious creatures by people who are passionate about animals. We have no choice but to give in to the irresistible urge to run our f



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Source: u/Mystisc
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Redditors engaged in enthralling conversation about it in the comment section. Those who agreed with the original poster pointed out that would-be cat owners should get felines from an animal shelter rather than buying them. Regarding the stray cats, they believed that it was acceptable to pet, hug, and feed them; however, it was not acceptable to bring them inside and claim possession of them until it was established beyond a reasonable doubt that the cats were strays.

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On the other hand, a few of the other pets’ companions believed that the responsibility should fall on the original owners. Provided that they let their pets roam outside without any trace or mark, they were bad owners and wouldn’t have the right to complain about their pets taken away from them.

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To summarize the discussion, the majority of users on Reddit agreed that people should assist cats in critical situations such as when they are injured, starving, or otherwise in need of assistance. In the end, they were required to get in touch with animal control and attempt to determine where the animals came from. When all of the steps had been completed, and it had been determined beyond a shadow of a doubt that the cats had been living on the streets, they would be able to go to their new owners, who had better not forget to microchip their pets.

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