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Blue Bird Of Paradise Displays Gorgeous Dance With Spectacular Blue Violet Feathers And White Spectacles

The Magnificent Blue Bird That Sings In Paradise It’s possible that the Blue Bird of Paradise has the most elegant name of any bird that lives in the wild. Although




The Breathtaking Blue Bird Of Paradise

It’s possible that the Blue Bird of Paradise has the most elegant name of any bird that lives in the wild. This large bird belongs to the genus Paradisornis, though it used to be in the Paradisaea group.

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Male Blue Bird of Paradise

This stunning species is most likely to be discovered in the mountainous regions of New Guinea’s eastern forest. The Blue Bird of Paradise is easily identifiable due to its brilliantly colored plumage, which stands out against the verdant backdrop of trees and leaves. The black head of the bird is decorated with two white circles around the eyes and a white and pale blue bill. Its lovely name might stem from its sky blue wings and spectacular tail streamers, which include both blue and red hues.

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Source: itsgita.birds

The Graceful Performance

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The primary food source of these breathtaking birds is fruits, varying from berries to other kinds. However, during times of the year when fruits are in short supply, they will supplement their diet with insects and small reptiles.

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Unfortunately, the loss of habitat and illegal poaching are two of the main factors contributing to the population decline of this stunning species. Many hunters seek them out in the hopes of making a profit from the sale of their colorful plumes. It is because of this reason that these birds are considered to be a vulnerable species, and it is extremely difficult to find them anywhere else besides certain areas of New Guinea.

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