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Bob’s Burgers’ worst moments include the following.

The truth is, we all have our flaws. Nobody is exclusively good or evil. Both light and shadow reside within each of us. Our identity is ultimately fo..



Everybody has a dark side.

No one has exclusively good or bad traits. Both light and shadow reside within each of us. What sets us apart, however, is the side on which we actually take action. It’s still not easy to remain unwaveringly committed to a single viewpoint. Simply put, we aren’t perfect, and on occasion we make blunders.

Selfishness/hate/anger can sometimes get the best of us and we end up making decisions that we regret. That’s fine with me too! We have our flaws because we’re only human. It’s a different story, though, if we give in to the shadow side.


Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the main cast members of the hit TV show Bob’s Burgers. The following are summaries of episodes in which these characters displayed some of the show’s worst behaviour.

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Bob: Lashing out at Tina.

Bob's Burgers' worst moments include the following. 11

We begin with Bob Belcher, our primary character. To the uninitiated, Bob is the owner and operator of the family restaurant Bob’s Burgers. He is also a devoted father and husband. However, when it comes to his family, he tends to be more chill; he lets his loved ones take the lead and does his best to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Yet he, too, is human and prone to temporary irascibility. In the episode “Sexy Dance Fighting,” Bob expresses his displeasure with Tina’s decision to spend time learning capoeira rather than working. He then made a point of visiting her class to mock her for being late to the restaurant where she worked. It was a terrible choice, even if all he wanted was Tina back.

Linda: Sells Bob’s Espresso Machine Without His Knowledge.

Bob's Burgers' worst moments include the following. 12

Linda is a wonderful wife and mother. She supports Bob unconditionally because she thinks he can achieve his goals with her help. One of her best qualities is that she is always there for her friends and family and that she is willing to sacrifice almost anything for them.

Sometimes, helping one member of the family means negatively impacting another. Bob brings a brand new espresso machine to his restaurant in “The Unnatural,” while Gene attends his first professional baseball game. Gene’s carelessness leads to a loss for his team, and the disappointment he feels is understandable. To aid Gene, Linda secretly sells Bob’s espresso machine to cover the costs of baseball lessons.


Tina: Gets All The Junior Lifeguards Expelled.

Bob's Burgers' worst moments include the following. 13

There was Tina, the good ol’ Tina. She’s a great sibling and a wonderful person overall, but she has flaws just like anyone else. She gets into a lot of trouble because she can’t stop thinking about cute boys.

The protagonist, Tina, in the film “Boywatch,” is inspired to join the male lifeguards after discovering a group of attractive males at the beach. She decides to keep an eye on them and learns that they are actually junior lifeguards. She decides to hang out with the team and does so by pretending to be a lifeguard. Unfortunately, due to her carelessness, she causes the dismissal of all the junior lifeguards and endangers the safety of the swimmers.

Gene: Stays In An Unwanted Relationship.

Bob's Burgers' worst moments include the following. 14

The time Gene pretended to like Courtney because he felt pressured to by her father sticks out like a sore thumb. The protagonist of “The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene” is troubled by the idea that he no longer cares for his girlfriend Courtney and has begun contemplating a breakup. Going to her house to break up with her, he learns that her father, Mr.Wheeler, runs a studio and produces jingles.

He thinks this is his chance to jumpstart his music career. So, he decides not to break up with Courtney and instead fakes a liking for her so that he can borrow some of her dad’s tools. Just look at those nefarious reasons!


Louise: Steals Her Parent’s Credit card.

Bob's Burgers' worst moments include the following. 15

Ah, yes! Louise. The brightest and most astute of all the characters. If Bob’s Burgers wants to show Hawk And Chick, as they do in “The Hawkening: Look Who’s Hawking Now,” they’ll have to put down $1,000 as a deposit on the film reel. Bob and Linda decided to scrap the idea when they realised they didn’t have enough money. But Louise, who was too giddy about going to the movies, used her parents’ credit card without asking.

Her friend Rudy was supposed to have the cast removed from his broken arm on the same day as the screening, but she forgot about him in her haste. Though she makes amends for it later, her initial move was extremely self-centered.

Gayle: Flirts With Bob In Front Of The Whole Family.

Bob's Burgers' worst moments include the following. 16

As Linda’s sister, Gayle is often on her own. After a long day at the dentist, heavily medicated Bob gets a ride home from Gayle. Bob thinks Linda is Gayle and kisses her on the way, causing Gayle to develop feelings for him. She should do the right thing, but instead she uses Bob and betrays her sister.

It’s pretty awkward when the whole family gets together because Gayle keeps hitting on Bob in front of everyone. Since Linda is aware that Gayle has always treated the men in her life as if they were her own, she does little besides laugh it off.


Jimmy Jr: Breaks Tina’s Heart On Valentines Day.

mediaJimmy Jr
Bob's Burgers' worst moments include the following. 17

From the beginning of time, Jimmy Jr. has been nothing but a jerk to Tina. However, in the episode “V for Valentine-detta,” he crossed the line. After receiving a homemade photo frame from Tina on Valentine’s Day, Jimmy broke up with her and replaced her picture with that of his new girlfriend.

The next day, on a date with his new girlfriend Becky, he dumps her and asks Tina out again. Actually, there’s obviously something very wrong with Jimmy. Where did the pain come from?

Mr Fond: Tricks School Children.

mediaMr Frond
Bob's Burgers' worst moments include the following. 18

Mr. Fond organises a read-a-thon in “The Silence of the Louise,” promising students a trip to a water park if they can read 500 books in one day. When the kids are done reading the books, Mr. Fond discovers that his dolls have been mysteriously destroyed. They decide to call off the trip and begin looking for the saboteur instead.

Later on, however, it became clear that Mr. Fond is the actual perpetrator. Because the school spent all of its money on new coffee machines, the school trip had to be cancelled after he purposefully damaged his own dolls. While not entirely his brainchild, this was largely his doing.


Calvin Fischoeder: Almost kills Bob.

mediacalvin fischoeder
Bob's Burgers' worst moments include the following. 19

Bob is forced to bring food to Fischoeder’s house in “The Last Gingerbread House on the Left.” It went beyond that, though. As the story concludes, Fischoeder invites Bob to join him and his wealthy pals for a game of gingerbread. On purpose, so he wouldn’t end up dead last again, he told him to do poorly. Everything seems to go swimmingly at first, but as the game progresses and Fischoeder continues to insult Bob, Bob begins to have second thoughts.

The worst part, though, was when everybody but Bob got out a gun and started shooting at the gingerbread houses. Putting Bob’s life in danger like this when he has a family to care for was the worst thing Fischoeder could have done to him.

Teddy: Fighting with people for no reason.

Bob's Burgers' worst moments include the following. 20

Teddy is last, but certainly not least. Bob’s regular customer and friend, Teddy. The guy is nice, but he can get on your nerves at times.

For the same reason that he didn’t visit Bob’s restaurant in the “Drumforgivin” episode, he’s now working for Jimmy Pesto and has informed him as much. Actually, he did just the opposite. After that, he became angry at Bob for taking a job at Jimmy Pestos and yelled at him, trying to provoke an altercation. But in the end, it became apparent that Teddy did have some underlying problems.


That’s all I have time for today.

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