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Calling Rescue Dog Undetermined Origin, Obnoxious Neighbor Got Laughed At And Was Rejected To Pay Flea Treatment Fee

If we don’t get our furry angels checked out by the veterinarian on a regular basis, they usually have problems with fleas. Pet owners should not undervalue these mi




If we don’t get our furry angels checked out by the veterinarian on a regular basis, they usually have problems with fleas. Pet owners shouldn’t underestimate these mini-sized parasites since they can irritate and sicken the infected animals as well as attack humans. Fleas are known to be the cause of disagreements between the families of dogs and cats on occasion. Let’s find out what was going on by reading the story all the way through, shall we?

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The original poster (a dog man with his user account name u/Typical_Ad_210) denounced his cat neighbor on the mighty spicy subreddit r/AmItheA**hole. He described going to the veterinary clinic once a month to get his dog treated for fleas, and the staff there assured him that the dog was in good health. In the meantime, the woman who lived next door refused to vaccinate her cats and instead used a combination of essential oils and garlic to treat the fleas on them. The OP detested her for always pretending to be highly-educated and generous while showing off her wealth and looking down on others. She went so far as to refer to his dog as a “mutt of unknown origin” because she knew he had been fostered away from a rescue organization.

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Redditors came to the conclusion that the original poster was not to blame for his neighbor’s infection. They cited that his house was flea-free and his dog was prescribed cured so they weren’t the infecting source. In addition, the number of fleas did not quickly increase after a couple of days, and humans were rarely bitten by fleas after a brief interaction with the animals. The woman had no shame in placing all of the blame on the other person.

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Furthermore, Reddit advised the OP to keep an eye on the felines because they were so poor for having an owner with an unscientific point of view. They feared that these cats might be poisoned at some point in the future and hoped that the OP would be able to contact animal control in a timely manner.

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