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Fill Your Day With Tiny And Adorable Bird Like Fluffy Cotton Ball

Most people easily fall for small and cute stuff, especially one with the white color of snow. If the thing in question is fluffy and soft, then it will be even more



Source: franpepperland

This tiny bird has the appearance of a fluffy white cotton ball, which immediately draws your attention to it. The name comes from the fact that it has a relatively short head in comparison to its round and chubby body. When viewed from the side, the bird’s tail appears to be even longer than its body and is responsible for at least half of the total length of the animal. An adult can reach 5-6 inches long, a size fitting perfectly in your jacket pocket.

Adult birds could be recognized with pink plumes on their chests, while younger ones wear suspicious black masks on their face. In addition to their “smol” appearance, these birds are easily identifiable by their high-pitched voice.

Source: Hedera_Baltica
Source: koichi_kotani
Source: Membeth – CC0

Do you find yourself smitten by the cuteness of these cotton balls? Have you ever come across an individual of this species before? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and spread the warm and fuzzy feeling to all of your families and friends!