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Here are 15 cunning canines that always come out on top during games of hide-and-seek.

When was the last time you and your dog played hide-and-seek? All we can say is that we are constantly amazed by our itty-bitty puppies. The reason is..



Have you ever tried to play hide and seek with your dog?

Our little puppies are constantly surprising us. What’s the reason? Because chameleons aren’t the only animals capable of hiding in plain sight. No, sir. Any animal can do it. And they are capable of becoming very successful winners. One of the most entertaining things to do with a dog is to play hide and seek. It’s advantageous in addition to being entertaining. Try hiding someplace your dog can’t see you and calling his name. In time, your dog will respond to the sound of his name being called and will come running to you. Your dog will be happy and relieved to see you, so reward him with treats when he does.

What our canine companions are capable of doing as puppies is nothing short of incredible. To have a dog is to feel as though you have no need for human companionship any longer; after all, Fido has your back no matter what! Both fun and safe, they have everything you could want in one convenient package. A Facebook page called Dogspotting Society has issued a challenge, though, and it’s not going to be easy. The “Hidden Dog Challenge” will demonstrate how some canines are so adept at hiding in plain sight that you may need to look for them multiple times before you find them.


Well, strap in because we’re going out on a spotting mission now! And I think you’ll really enjoy yourself. It’s hilarious to watch as some of the puppies are already experts at hiding and others are still learning. To get started with the “Hidden Dog Challenge,” keep scrolling down!

1. “I was grilling and felt like I was being watched….” Don’t forget to double-check the backyard!

mediadog hiding in the backyard
b’via Facebook

Look at the swing, that’s a hint!

2. “I thought it was obvious where he was at when I posted this on my own page but everyone just kept commenting on the yellow chair. I think only a couple people realized my dog was in the pic.”

mediadog hiding behind the sofa
b’via Facebook

To say the least, this is a fascinating topic!

3. “When asked if she wants to go for a walk, this la-z-girl tries to blend in with her bed.”

mediadog blending in the pillow
b’via Facebook

A fluffy dog like this is hard to come by.

4. We can’t seem to find out our pup!

mediadog hiding with the toys
b’via Facebook

I think we should just keep this toy as a pup.

5. “I can’t seem to find my boy. Daddy is covered in a fluffy blanket in his chair, but where’s the dog? He was hiding from his medicine.”

mediadog hiding in the blanket
b’via Facebook

You may need to take a second look.

6. “She decided not to answer when I called, and I was having a mild panic attack trying to find her. Turns out she was asleep behind some books.”

mediadog hiding in the closet
b’via Facebook

No, she’s not sleeping; she’s trying to stay out of sight.

7. Well… this one’s still learning.

mediadog trying to hide
b’via Facebook

As if to say, “Hah! No stupid hooman will ever find me in this cave.

We’ve made it to the halfway point, and we know for a fact that these dogs are giving you a terrible time trying to locate them. Even though we’re “too good” for some of the dogs, watching the others try to hide is one of the highlights. Keep reading to find out why.


8. “Roscoe prefers Under-The-Tree Stealth Mode.”

mediadog under the tre
b’via Facebook

This one has perfected the art of tree concealment.

9. This one might slightly be difficult!

mediafind the dog
b’via Facebook

But if you look closely, you might be able to see someone peeking at you.

10. Lola was here just a minute ago! Has anyone seen her?

mediadog hiding 1
b’via Facebook

We haven’t spotted her anywhere, that’s for sure.

11. Abigail is trying to help with the laundry.

mediadog hiding under the clothes
b’via Facebook

Okay, so that’s how she offers assistance.

12. There are two dogs in the picture but we are sure you can’t spot the other one.

mediadog hiding behind the curtains
b’via Facebook

What? What’s going on in the shadows? That’s not a dog; it’s a cat.

13. Spot the pupper in this room!

mediacute pupper trying to hide
b’via Facebook\xc2\xa0′

I’ll give you a hint: He’s teeny!

14. I wanted to get a dog who could match the velvet of my couch.

mediapupper hiding on the couch
b’via Facebook

To be honest, I didn’t consider the consequences at the time.

15. Can you find the little spy in this picture?

mediadoggo hiding
b’via Facebook

I can safely say that this dog is a master of disguise.

We appreciate you making it this far, and we hope you enjoyed playing “Where are they now?” with these cute puppies. Does your dog participate in games of hide-and-seek? If so, please share the details of your dog’s favourite hiding place below.