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Here are 15 pictures of Great Danes that dispel the myth that they are inherently dangerous.

Try not to evaluate a book by its cover. We’ve heard this over and over again for as long as we can remember, and it holds true. With Great Danes in p..



Don’t judge a book by its cover.

We’ve heard this over and over for as long as we can remember, and it holds true. This is especially true of Great Danes. Although this breed was originally developed for hunting purposes, modern society has found other uses for them. Even though they can be considerably larger than a human when standing on all fours, their intimidating appearance belies the fact that they are actually big softies at heart.

Great Danes seem to have no concept of their own size, as evidenced by their penchant for playing the part of lap dog by leaping almost haplessly toward their human companion. All in the name of love, of course. If you’ve been debating whether or not to adopt a Great Dane, allow me to be that deciding factor.

So, please, scroll down and have a look.


#1 “Dish all the gossip right now, girl!”


One huge canine. “-Kaisu Rei

#2 Friendship can conquer all even a ginormous difference.

mediafriendship 1

You’ll have big paws when you mature, too. – Hans

#3 Just a little more and you’ll finally reach the feet of that Great Dane.


Theoretically proving that one’s outlook does not necessarily correlate with their physical stature… Diane Ella Lillie

#4 Yes, this is actually a puppy.


Oh my goodness, he’s so hot! Regal. -Lyop

#5 When will they understand that they can crush someone’s legs?


These canines are not referred to as So-So Danes or Okay Danes. Not at all; they were originally called Great Danes. This is so for a good reason, by the way. Despite their massive stature, they make for some of the most empathetic and cherished pets you could hope to own.

#6 The comparison between a human’s hand and a 4-month-old Dane has left me awe-struck.


Only four months! Think of how big it will be when it’s fully grown. -dan

#7 The other dog is gonna have to wait a ‘while’ before he can quench his thirst.


#8 Gene Simmons is quaking in his boots right now.


Actually, I’m glad I never paid close attention to a Great Dane’s tongue. because it looks terrifying for some reason.

#9 Even if it doesn’t fit, I still sit.

b’Via\xc2\xa0Bored Panda

#10 Just look at that face! How can you say no?

panting dog

Do I detect Scooby-Doo here? Where are you, I wonder?

#11 Nothing to see here, just a puddle of Great Dane.


Quick! It’s time to get some ice for him before he melts through the floor.

#12 I think the couch is a bit small for him still.


The dane got the old crib mattress for her “doggie bed” when our friends’ kids upgraded to twin beds. Includes a waterproof design to prevent leaks. -Jilltdcatlady

#13 Who needs a bed when you’ve got a Great Dane?


This photo has a calming and soothing effect on me. -Hans

#14 That is not a great posture for watching TV.


I am not the best person to give advice on posture because I am currently sitting in a slouched position while writing this.

#15 Just having some fun.

royalty dog

I believe you may have forgotten a step or two while putting together your doggo kit. “-Aileen Cawlfield

Have any of these made you want to go out and get a Great Dane right this second? Alternatively, do you happen to be the proud owner of one already? Add your thoughts in the comments section.

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