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Here are 17 hilariously accurate snapshots of cats that were taken by humans.

We still don’t understand cats the way they really are! They’ll take a bite out of your meal without you noticing and then act like nothing happened. ..



To this day, we still haven’t been able to figure out the true nature of cats!

They’ll help themselves to your plate and then act like nothing happened. It’s in their nature to act naughtily one minute and completely innocent the next. They will be completely unfazed as they knock things off your desk, eat your lunch while you’re trying to finish a project, or even sit on your forearm. They will choose to jump up on your face and sit there instead of sleeping in the fancy bed you bought them because it’s more enjoyable for them and reinforces the fact that they are the boss.

We’ll tell you what it is if you haven’t guessed it already. Can you believe it? felines are the topic at hand. To that end, we can all agree that cats are absolutely adorable. However, there are times when their true nature comes out and they haunt us. If you’re a cat owner like me, you’re well aware of how naughty felines can be and have no qualms about expressing your disapproval. Here are some examples of the indecency to which some cats can be reduced that we found on the internet. We anticipate your satisfaction and pleasure as you peruse them. Let’s dive in.


1. “My cat ’loves’ getting his picture taken…”

mediagirl with cat
b’Via wullie1980 / Reddit

Cats have many wonderful qualities, and one of them is that they are practically made for the camera because they look so good in photographs. They are very photogenic and enjoy acting out for the camera.

2. “He actually fell asleep like this, with his mouth fully around my daughter’s arm and claws dug in. If she moved, he woke briefly to tighten his grip.”

mediasleeping cat 1
b’Via thestonewoman / Reddit

3. If you want to catch a cat or 2, just leave a paper bag on the floor. They’ll not disappoint you!

mediacats on floor
b’Via Onekat / Reddit

Paper bags are a popular seating option for feline friends. If you put it anywhere, they will sit on it. They can be easily captured by laying a paper bag on the floor. A catch of a cat.

4. “I don’t know what they’re doing, but it looks like some kind of ritual.”

mediacat on bed 2
b’Via EveHerr / Reddit

5. “I think I wasted money on the cat tree.”

mediacats on ladder
b’Via ofthrees / Reddit

Spending a lot of money on things for a cat is not uncommon. But no matter how much money you spend on them, they will always prefer the random AF items to the ones you bought them. True, cat reasoning.

6. The way your cat poses for a selfie with someone, and then the way they pose for a selfie with you

mediacat posing
b’Via \xc2\xa0ig_gnome_inious / Reddit

7. When you just want to look out the window but something goes terribly wrong:

mediacat stuck in window curtain
b’Via apartmentapparition / Reddit

Poor kitty, she’s in a world of hurt.

8. “What she does every time I try to game”

mediacat sitting on forearm
b’Via \xc2\xa0boblaim / Reddit

No furniture, electronics, or other household item is safe from a mischievous pet cat’s chewing, scratching, or biting, and the cost to repair the damage can be exorbitant. They have no idea how much time and money you put into their appearance and development. They’ll be a constant source of frustration, but we’ll take the hit as their doting hoomans because we adore them too much to see them go.

9. “Got my first succulent. It lasted 8 hours.”

mediacats with plant
b’Via \xc2\xa0mandalababee / Reddit

From this photo, one thing is evident. You can’t be both a cat mother and a plant mother.

10. “The best pillow is an unwilling friend.”

mediatwo cats sleeping
b’Via LackingUtility / Reddit

11. “Why lie down on the cat bed when you can use the fruit basket instead?”

mediacat in basket 1
b’Via \xc2\xa0DarKliZerPT / Reddit

We chose to make love in a fruit basket once again, despite the availability of a bed.

12. “This happens every meal.”

mediakitten in arm
b’Via \xc2\xa0popaulina / Reddit

13. Everything we needed to know about a cat and dog relationship captured in a single photo

mediacat and dog picture 1
b’Via \xc2\xa0guadalupemoon / Reddit

A perfect snapshot like this one makes us laugh out loud. This is the cat-and-dog dynamic in a nutshell, folks!

14. “I spent a week on this puzzle…”

mediacat on table 1
b’Via augustine01189 / Reddit

15. “Elijah, you weigh 12 pounds and earn approximately negative $100 a month. Why are you taking up 75% of the desk chair?”

mediacat on chair 2
b’Via bewildered_forks / Reddit

There is no such thing as personal space or privacy in a cat’s mind. They’ll make an effort to push your buttons and cross your lines.

16. “The black cat gets in the wood box, then the ginger one wants to get in too — on top, of course.”

mediatwo cats in a
b’Via \xc2\xa0predo1234567890 / Reddit

17. “Bought an orthopedic bed for the dog, he’s getting old and achy. He’s scared of the cat.”

mediadog and cat sleeping
b’Via minnimamma19 / Reddit

As such, we hope that this article has helped brighten your day and put a smile on your face. Do you live with a cat? What mischievous and clever things does it do to keep you guessing and looking for answers? Feel free to share your favourite cat photos and anecdotes with us in the comments section. All right, folks, that’s all for now.