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Here are 19 pictures to back up the claim that sharing your home with cats is an exciting, loving, and joyful experience.

When it comes to cuteness, cats have to be near the top of the list. If you share my passion for felines, you’d have to agree with me on this. These a..



Cats are undoubtedly one of the most adorable animals to ever exist!

If you share my affection for felines, you’ll understand. Age is irrelevant when it comes to the endearing quirks and loving eccentricities of these animals. These furry little creatures are highly dependent on their owners and will display a wide range of behaviours if they are not paid sufficient attention. You might compare caring for a cat to caring for a small child, but we must warn you that cats can be even more demanding than infants.

Many of the enjoyable aspects of cat ownership are enumerated in this article. We guarantee that after looking at the pictures we’ve collected below, you’ll want to bring home a kitty right away. Despite the fact that these lovable rascals require constant attention, you will enjoy every second you spend with them in the living room. Let’s not tarry any longer; instead, let’s examine some depictions of cat ownership.

1. Sliding into people’s DMs like…

mediacats on the window
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0SunniestCell531 / Reddit

2. The joys of being a mom

mediacat with her kittens
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0DaniC1017 / Reddit

3. Seems like this kitty couldn’t handle the heat!

mediacat in the fridge
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0friendlynoodless Reddit

4. This cat model better than me, damn!

mediacat in a jumper
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0bunnyxglossy / Reddit

5. The uninvited guest?

mediaadorable cats
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0frankie1819 / Reddit

6. I’d love to have some bread and cat for breakfast!

mediacat in the bread
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0JamesBond-007\xe2\x80\x93 / Reddit

7. If I fits, I sits!

mediacute cats
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0Shobayashi / Reddit

8. He is very punctual and hates getting late!

mediacat hissing
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0llaaccrr / Reddit

9. Looks like we have a new friend!

mediacow licking a cat
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0Sniperizer / Reddit

10. Doesn’t this look like a movie scene?

mediacat looking in the cars mirror
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0Tessuhlation / Reddit

We can never get enough of these cute little kittens, can we? Also, if you were planning on getting a cat by now, we feel obligated to tell you that despite their outward appearance of cuteness, cats are actually one of the most mischievous little creatures ever to have existed. Take care!

11. Help me I’m stuck!

mediasad kitty
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0Vicious-Worm / Reddit

12. Well, that is not what we’re having for dinner right…?

mediacat in the jug
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0iiiwonderwomaniii / Reddit

13. How did this cat turn into a flying cat? I want to learn this witchcraft too!

mediacat in the door
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0birdwordwords / Reddit

14. I did not sign up for this!

mediascared cat
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0SomeRandomScientist / Reddit

15. I think I’m hungry for this purrito right now!

mediaadorable cat
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0AshiGoshi / Reddit

16. Shut up hooman, I’m not in the mood to talk!

mediacat not listening
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0redana02 / Reddit

17. This kitty definitely loves the heat!

mediacat with the ac
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0noodlegremlin / Reddit

18. This kitty has had enough of the lovin’

mediacat doesnt want to take a picture
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0cowskin\xe2\x80\x93 / Reddit

19. No compromising on the sleep time!

mediacat sleeping
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0ALLTHETEAM2 / Reddit

Our article now concludes. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little glimpse into the world of cat ownership. If you weren’t already thinking about getting a cat, these anecdotes should have done the trick! If you have one already, we’d love it if you’d share some of your favourite memories with us in the comments.

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