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In their own home, you’ll have a hard time finding any of these 50 ‘illegally smol’ kittens.

Small cats are incredibly cute. They remind us of cute little kittens, which could be a contributing factor. A kitten’s large eyes, diminutive frame, ..



Small cats are incredibly cute. It’s possible that this is the case because they look like tiny kittens. A kitten’s large, expressive eyes, diminutive stature, and endearingly mischievous nature make it impossible to ignore. Everyone they meet falls in love with them, and it’s against the law because they’re too small. They’re so tiny you might mistake them for a speck of dust or a shadow lurking in the corner. Because, well, who the hell is that gorgeous, they are labelled as criminals.

We have pictures of tiny kittens from a subreddit called Illegally Smol Cats, which has 391,000 members. The internet says, “It should be illegal to be that adorable,” and we agree wholeheartedly. The cuteness of these itty-bitty kittens will make you want to throw your socks out the window. There are many adorable kittens in the pictures, and it’s hard not to say “aww” at each one. Keep reading to find out for yourself and then thank us!

1. Is that a Skookum?

mediakitten on sheets
b’Via Acyke

2. Illegally smol and illegally cute

mediakitten on wallet
b’Via razzor6922

“Attitude and all, that’s exactly what I’m talking about!” – Znaya

3. These are cops not kittens

mediakittens on shoes
b’Via JP20021

You are unable to walk away from this location and must remain standing. They are undercover law enforcement officers or government agents who have successfully arrested you. A Nocturnal Person

4. Kitten in a napkin hat!

mediakitten with napkin hat
b’Via Briquetto

Please get me off this chair; I have to go pick potatoes to make vodka for the Motherland. To quote: – Julia Atkinson

5. She just discovered she has feet

mediablack kitten 1
b’Via My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

“I’m curious as to how these work:)” – Znaya

6. Meet Leo!

mediakitten small
b’Via m_harvey003

What a cool guy, Leo! Leo, when he’s older, is going to make a great babysitter. A big, fluffy tail was expertly wrapped around their perfectly positioned paws. Expectant eyes, a jutting chin, and an explosion of whiskers are what you can expect to see on his face. Futch, Moo, and Moo Futch

7. World’s cutest boss!

mediakitten on chair
b’Via ceelodan

Also, “the Boss gets what the Boss wants 100 percent of the time” – Znaya

8. The couch belongs to him now

mediakitten on sofa

There is now absolutely nowhere to sit. This is a quote from Graham Baker.

9. Matched set, very cute!

mediakitten and mama
b’Via killerbunnyfamily

“It looks like they were doing some wiring.” Assumed Name: Rebekah

10. Small version of an early warning system,  maybe?

mediasmall kitten shrieking
b’Via mandaeffect

According to Suzy, the observer, you are the “guardian of his galaxy.”

11. Oh my eyes! Little Criminal!

mediavery small kitten

It seems like an assault is about to occur. super human

12. Death by cuteness!

media4 kittens
b’Via AwwCatsDotCom

Do not look because you will burst from cuteness. Thanks to Esra Fadlelmula

13. Feetsieless!

mediakitten on blankett
b’Via younghulk46

That’s more like a bun than a loaf. Katherine Heasley

14. Iz xhausted. I had to snoopervise him ALL day!

mediaman and kitten
b’Via YoloForJesusHChrist

“I don’t know what the best advertisement for a company would be if that wasn’t it!” Futch, Moo, and Moo Futch

15. Tiny hacker is watching y’all!

mediakitten and laptopp
b’Via deadchi

16. Baby man!


To paraphrase, “He’s a dang cute Smol Boi.” – Znaya

17. He’s upset!

mediakitten with woman
b’Via RobLjung

Listen up, Martha: “Could we please skip the lecture about drinking too much and move on to the part where you bring me a cup of coffee and a bottle of aspirin?” Hilary Mol

18. You gonna be my hooman. Get used to it!

mediakitten on couch
b’Via Sherlockhomey

19. Are you gonna report me to the pawthorities, hooman?

mediakitten on legs
b’Via Anam_Cara

I would be a willing participant in whatever she plans to do, so I have no intention of reporting her. – Znaya

20. Lethal weapon

mediakitten in pocket
b’Via kai-ote

Take a stand! You can’t be expected to lug around this pile of fluff. With the help of Laila Hernandez

21. Kitty on the toilet!

mediakitten on toilet
b’Via bigabigabigabiga

“…and then rips up your bathroom tissue.” Atkinson, Julia

22. Literally A Bean

mediakitten in hand
b’Via BunnyBunBunHoney

23. Arrest me meowww

mediasmall kitten 1
b’Via liefieblue

And with that expression, I’ve had enough. – Znaya

24. He’s angry!

mediakitten on carpet
b’Via kristioppa

“There ain’t nothing colder than a little kitty’s cold shoulder, nothing!” — Leslie K. Von Dell

25. Criminal spotted with sidekick

mediakitten with mom
b’Via goddamnimtrash

I’ve decided to name him “Mini Me.” Quote: – Raven Sheridan

Since its creation in August of this year, the subreddit Illegally Smol Cats has amassed millions upon millions of smol kitten pictures.


The first few weeks of a kitten’s life are characterised by rapid and extraordinary development. Even more so than in the case of infants of most other species, their bodies mature extremely rapidly in this species. Both of their sensory organs, the eyes and the ears, are covered at birth. Although they are unable to walk, they are able to get around with the help of their developing sense of smell and tummy time as they search for their mother and her milk. By the time they are 2 weeks old, kittens have opened their eyes and are able to observe their environment with their own criminal eyes.

26. Mini and micro mini

mediakitten and embroidery
b’Via spinsewz

Our group said, “That was something we absolutely needed to see.” Aroace tiger

27. Better than a samsung?

mediakitten in
b’Via crowmami

“If it were a scam, I wouldn’t mind at all.” — 2019 BloxmakesGames

28. Fear me!

mediakitten shrieking
b’Via willowwrenwild

“teefies” – Eric Trahan

29. Techno kitty!

mediakitten and laptop
b’Via isawken

“Anything from a honey like that is crucial.” Menendez, E.

30. Kitty and her minions!

mediamama and baby kittens
b’Via AwwCatsDotCom

“Let’s start causing terror, my minions, go forth!” Sheridan, Raven

31. So adorable!

mediakitten in dish
b’Via iwhattheduck

“Hooman, what does it say? Am I chonk?” In honour of Julius Martin

32. Smol but takes the whole bed

mediakitten on bedd
b’Via mountainoat

33. Princess criminals

mediakitten with tart
b’Via sfogliatele

“the awe in the smol eyes” – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (ve/ver)

34. Soon to be detained!

mediakitten in lap
b’Via lumidaye

“adorable little kitten: I’m innocent 3 The judge said, “Ok, I believe you. Author: Laila Hernandez

35. Battery kitty!

mediakitten with wires
b’Via whoooomst

“Ah, that wonderful brick of comfort!” Do not let the heat go out on my beans. Sheridan, Raven

36. Purrlpool!

mediakitten sleeping
b’Via killerbunnyfamily

37. Facemask kitty!

mediakitten in face mask
b’Via ATJWen

38. I would be an accomplice to anything!

mediakitten curled up
b’Via landamiaw

This is, hands down, the cutest kitten in the whole wide world. – No One

39. Look at those huge eyes!

mediakitten in car
b’Via ceelodan

“Watcha doooooo-ing?” – Lis Daglish

40. Trying to escape!

mediakitten with bag
b’Via cualcrees

The following step is to storm the Capitol building while shouting “The world is flat!” Author: Julia Atkinson

40. From Illegally Smol To Absolute Units

mediakitten before and after

42. Can I go back to sleep?

mediakitten in tub
b’Via CatFeeds

Is it morning already?” Seriously? I may have had a rapid sleep cycle. – tw 72

43. Suspect Attempted Camouflage

mediakitten on leaf
b’Via Failuresandwich

“They’re so cute it makes me sick!” Quote: – Raven Sheridan

44. Subatomic level in size

mediakitten in kitchen
b’Via so-this-is-college

45. I want to pick him up and snuggle him!

mediacollage of kitten
b’Via dom_bul

46. A bad-ass rapper!

mediakitten on bed
b’Via tamikills

Raven Sheridan’s “Future Grumpy Cat”

47. I request your assistance hooman!

mediakitten in a tissue
b’Via britneydiane

48. Best place in the world!

mediakitten and cat 1
b’Via iliaspro

“This captures the essence of motherhood perfectly.” – El Dee

49. The horror!

mediakittens on bed
b’Via /Beaver1BeaverAll

50. Soot sprites!

mediakitten on blanket
b’Via SqueezeBunny

‘Soot Sprite!!!!’ That’s so cute that it made me squeeeeeeeee. The Moo-Moo Futch

Unfortunately, this is the final feline felon on our list. To say that these pictures have brightened our day would be an understatement. Do you happen to own a cute little kitten? How did you come to adopt it, and what is its name? Leave a comment below with your response to let us know we’re in the know.