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In this list, we take a look at 25 dogs that will sit wherever their owners please.

It can be challenging to share your home with pets, especially when they insist on sitting in inappropriate places. Even though that’s perfectly norma..



Living with your pets can be difficult at times, especially when they would sit wherever they want!

Even though that is perfectly normal behaviour for them, it can still make us wonder about the reasoning behind it or even the sanity of our pets. Dogs, besides being cute, are also incredibly perceptive. They would always do what they can to ensure your safety and happiness without expecting anything in return. They would risk their own lives to keep you safe and would never leave your side, even in the darkest of times.

Put another way, dogs are the real-deal “angels among us.” In contrast, any dog owner knows their pet will choose to take a seat wherever it pleases. They are not picky about what they will rest their behinds on, be it a bowl of popcorn or your face. If you don’t have a dog and have no idea what we’re talking about, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered; it’s one of the funniest things to see. We have collected some of the funniest pictures of dogs sitting in the unlikeliest of places. Just look at the proof below:


1. “Can i sleep with the kitty tonight?”

mediadoggo and kitty
b’via Facebook

2. “My itty-bitty little kitty lounging on the back of my sister’s couch.”

mediadog on the couch
b’via Facebook

3. “For some reason, this kitty bed is more comfortable!”

mediadog in the kitty bed
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4. Pomeranian giving driving instructions to her hooman.

mediaride with my dog
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5. He just wanted to see outside the window.

mediadog enjoying the window view
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6. “This is supposed to be my area, hooman!”

mediadog sitting on me
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7. Look at this big fluffer trying to fit on his hoomans face.

mediaadorable big dog
b’via Facebook

8. “This seems like a good pillow!”

mediadog sleeping 2
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9. Awww… how cute is this picture!

medialittle pup napping
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10. Oh he loves that seat!

mediadog in the car
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11. Hungry for attention.

mediacutest puppy
b’via Facebook

12. “What’s in the news today?”

mediadog reading a book
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We know you’re laughing at these pictures of dogs trying to squeeze into inconceivably small spaces. Sorry, there are more pictures coming your way! You should continue reading.

13. “Climbed up on the desk in my office to watch the rain.”

mediadog watching the rain
b’via Facebook

14. Not sure whether the chair is too tiny for the doggo or the doggo is too big for the chair.

mediatiny chair
b’via Facebook

15. “Honey, do we have to wash the pups too along with the laundry today?”

mediadog sitting on the laundry basket
b’via Facebook

16. “Your face is such a comfy place to sit on, hooman”

mediamy dog sitting on my face
b’via Facebook

17. “What other dog? I saw him going down the hallway”

mediadog sitting on a dog
b’via Facebook

18. “He just doesn’t care about my comfort”

mediadoggo sleeping
b’via Facebook

19. Gimlet is still trying to figure out how to sit on the couch.

mediadog trying to sit
b’via Facebook

20. Charles enjoys sitting on the backseat and guiding me how to drive.

mediafunny dog
b’via Facebook

21. “You wanted a big dog, don’t you?”

mediadog squishing me
b’via Facebook

22. Kiwi thinks she’s a cat.

mediadog thinks hes a cat
b’via Facebook

23. “She knows when I’m having issues, hence why she’s my emotional support dog. But regardless of that, it’s also one of her favorite places to lay and honestly it really does help.”

mediadog sitting on me while i sleep
b’via Facebook

24. “Why don’t you try some pup-corn today, hooman?”

mediadog sitting on a popcorn bowl
b’via Facebook

25. The big doggo be like, “am I a joke to you, hooman?”

According to a tweet by Kippi Leonard (@enzoandfischtv).

In closing, we hope you’ve had a good time reading this post. But we’re also curious about the most unusual seating arrangement for your dog. Please share your thoughts in the space provided below.