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Internet Rallies Behind Redditor Who Kicks Boyfriend Out After He Rehomes Cat Without Her Awareness And Steals Her Money

Because having pets is a matter of personal preference, we ought to respect the concerns and goals that are important to other people. People who are so obsessed wit




Because having pets is a matter of personal preference, we ought to respect the concerns and goals that are important to other people. People who are so obsessed with one topic that they refuse to acknowledge the existence of any others are not acceptable.


The user account known as u/throwaway7765475 gained support from the online community after posting her harrowing experience with her boyfriend of 22 years, Sam, on the subreddit known as AmItheAsshole.

Source: r/AmItheAsshole

Even the Reddit user’s cat was evicted by her boyfriend, who did it behind her back and without her knowledge. He told her that the cat had gotten loose, when in reality he had given it to her parents or grandparents to care for. She didn’t find out the truth until her grandparents told her that the family pet had passed away.

Source: r/AmItheAsshole

After Sam had lost his dog, he went out and bought three new dogs without first consulting the poster. This only made the situation worse.

Source: r/AmItheAsshole
Source: r/AmItheAsshole
Source: r/AmItheAsshole
Source: r/AmItheAsshole

When the poster found out that her boyfriend had been stealing from her, it was the final straw in their relationship. She lost a significant amount of saving money, and it turned out that the guy took it secretly to buy the puppies.

Source: r/AmItheAsshole

The Reddit user threatened the man with eviction unless he returned the two small dogs and received the remainder of his money. Because he refused to part with his dogs, he was eventually forced to leave the area. Following this, the poster was given the money by Sam’s parents; consequently, she did not call the police in order to avoid any potential legal complications.

Source: r/AmItheAsshole

The comments section below the post were filled with people who completely agreed with the response given by the poster. Not only did many people believe that the boyfriend was obsessed with dogs, but they also believed that he was self-absorbed and disrespectful to his girlfriend. Even if the dogs weren’t involved, the Reddit user in question should still get out of this toxic relationship because her boyfriend was dishonest and a thief.

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Some exclaimed that the girl mistreated herself as she did not break up with her boyfriend right after she found out about her cat. Anyone should have been able to see the warning sign due to its obviousness.

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Do you believe the Reddit user made the appropriate choice in this situation? Do you believe she had been involved in a relationship that was unhealthy? I was wondering what your thoughts were on the boyfriend. Please share your views with us in the comment below!

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