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I’ve never seen anything as nice as the mansion he constructed for his dog.

To what extent does your love for your pet warrant the construction of a TV-equipped mansion!? Even more unbelievable than it already is, that actuall..



Do you love your pet enough to build a lavish house for them with a TV in it!?

That happened, as unbelievable as it may sound. We’d do anything for our dogs because we love them so much. But this guy went above and beyond for his pup by constructing one of the most lavish doggie mansions you’ve ever laid eyes on. Johnathan Lower is a real estate agent in the state of South Carolina. Also, his home improvement videos are extremely popular on the video-sharing app TikTok, where he has gained considerable notoriety.

Johnathan has a fantastic eye for design; his DIY projects for a gym, garage makeover, and home theatre all got tonnes of attention and rave reviews, but no one really thought his best work was done until he constructed a lavish doghouse for his 2-year-old dog, Teddy. People couldn’t stop raving about how amazing the dog house was after he posted a video of it online. Without wanting to oversell it, there was even a television inside. Simply put, we envied that dog and wished we could trade places with him.

Here’s a picture of the adorable duo!

mediadog and his owner
b’Via\xc2\xa0Instagram: @jlower12

This resulted in the home video receiving over 12.9 million views, making it the most-viewed online video ever. The video shows Johnathan showing us around the elaborate doghouse he built for his pet, Teddy. The doghouse is a closet under the stairs in the new home he just bought. The scenery is stunning. If you don’t believe us, watch the video down below.

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In an interview, Johnathan said “Teddy loves showing off his house to the people by standing in front of the door!”

mediadoggo showing his house
b’via TikTok: @thehomeprojectguy / Via\xc2\

Love the aesthetics! So cool!

mediadogs new house
b’via TikTok: @thehomeprojectguy / Via\xc2\

Check out the welcome matt!

mediateddys house
b’via TikTok: @thehomeprojectguy / Via\xc2\

Here’s a peak inside the room of Teddy. We love how Jonathan took care of the little details! The greenery, a family picture and not to forget the window!

mediatv in dogs house
b’via TikTok: @thehomeprojectguy / Via\xc2\

It even had a magazine – not like he’s gonna read it but looks good, doesn’t it?

mediaplaydogs magazine
b’via TikTok: @thehomeprojectguy / Via\xc2\

Well, this has got to be one of our most favourite parts about Teddy’s new house. A TV with a gorgeous fireplace beneath…

mediatv of teddys house
b’via TikTok: @thehomeprojectguy / Via\xc2\

Of course, it had a massive picture of Teddy as well!

mediadogs picture
b’via TikTok: @thehomeprojectguy / Via\xc2\

While showing a client around a house, Johnathan heard, “The sellers had a playhouse for their daughters under the stairs. This is where I got the idea for Teddy’s puppy pad.” The thought occurred to me that it would be cool to have a doghouse exterior with a doggy door leading into the open area where the toys were.

Here’s another adorable picture of the duo going for a ride!

mediadog and his human
b’via Instagram

“When we finally moved into our new home in February…” I started with Teddy’s interior because I had already planned it out in my head,” he explained. I made him a custom bed with pull-out drawers and fairy lights in the shape of a golden retriever for above. I also installed new lighting, shiplap, a fireplace, a TV, and a portrait of him. When that was complete, I went outside and built a stone and craftsman-style patio and topped it off with a bespoke mat. It took me a week and a half of nightly work to finish the interior, and a single day to finish the exterior.

We absolutely loved the idea and how carefully he designed everything!

mediawindow of dogs house
b’via Instagram

Obviously, we are not the only people who appreciated what Jonathan did for his dog. In short, the idea and Jonathan’s presentation of it were huge hits with the audience. A few people even became envious of Teddy and his lavish lifestyle. Let’s check out what people have said;

Why wouldn’t it be? It’s such a gorgeous place!

mediaexpensive doghouse
b’via TikTok: @thehomeprojectguy / Via\xc2\

Some people didn’t mind becoming a dog.

mediapeople love the hosue
b’via TikTok: @thehomeprojectguy / Via\xc2\

Well, he surely is, than most of us!

mediapeople comments
b’via TikTok: @thehomeprojectguy / Via\xc2\

Jonathan, however, considered the bond he shared with his dog Teddy to be much deeper. In the last few years, I’ve also lost my young sister, grandfather, aunt, and most recently, my father,” he continued. To say how grateful I am to Teddy would be an understatement. Because of everything he has done for me, he is my best friend, and I plan to treat him like royalty forever.

Awww… they have a beautiful chemistry!

mediadogo cuddling his owner
b’via Instagram

Jonathan is well underway with his new endeavour, having already mapped out a plan. Teddy is going to use a motorcycle side car. In addition, he intends to construct a safe room with a 450-pound, vaulted door to shield Teddy and Jonathan from harm in the event of an attack or natural disaster.

Look at those cute paws!

mediahappy pup
b’via Instagram

We hope they have a long and prosperous life together and wish them the best! It warms my heart to see how much Jonathan adores his cute puppy, Teddy. Have any thoughts on the home? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to follow the two of them on TikTok and Instagram to stay up-to-date on all the latest happenings!

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