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Kitten Abandoned By His Mom In Destructive Rainstorm Now Has Got New Mom

After a deluge of rain, a small, drenched kitten was laying on the muddy ground. He seemed to be dead since he was so little and covered in slugs. We could hardly be




A tiny, soaking wet kitten was lying on the muddy ground after a torrential rainstorm. He seemed to be dead since he was so little and covered in slugs. We found it hard to understand that so many individuals continued to move forward after seeing the cat in trouble. Thank goodness Robin Seplut, a decent man, stopped to save the helpless kitty.

“During a downpour, his striped cat mother abandoned the kitten and decided not to take it back. I carried the kitten to another cat after washing it. He now has a lovely new family, according to Robin.


The striped mother cat is really awful because she rejects the kitten more and more, but we are glad that this compassionate man stopped and was willing to listen to him.

Just watch the adorable video below!!!=


We applaud the mother cat’s kindness in taking in a stray kitten. I appreciate you allowing a different stray cat to look after the kitten. Salutations, sir.

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