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Man Blows Up Reddit’s Minds For Dealing With Incessantly Barking Dog By Using A Whistle As A “Life Hack”

Canines have been tamed and domesticated by humans for the purpose of serving as companions and guardians for more than fifteen thousand years. They have an unusuall



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The original poster, who goes by the user account name u/theBuzzRaise, wrote on the creepy subreddit r/UnethicalLifeProTips about how he had been enduring the constant barking of the dog that belonged to his neighbor. The human couple who owned this dog were constantly fighting with each other, so they gave up trying to train him. The annoying howling that went on all day long drove the original poster completely insane, as well as many of the other residents in the apartment complex.

Source: u/theBuzzRaise
Source: u/theBuzzRaise

The majority of internet users didn’t take the OP’s idea seriously but did find it humorous; as a result, they didn’t pass up the opportunity to make jokes about it. They even proposed alternative strategies to “slander” the dog family and boost the percentage of evictions they carried out. In addition, they cautioned the OP that he should take precautions to ensure that no one or no camera could catch him in the act of putting on one of the disguises, lest he want to be the one who is kicked out of the competition instead.

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Other serious Redditors gave the OP advice regarding the ultrasonic devices that are available for purchase on online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. They recommended that he put them in place so that he wouldn’t have to get up in the wee hours of the morning, set his alarm clock, and then rouse everyone else in the house, including the dog. In addition, they suggested that the management department of the building be informed and that a request be made to them to collaborate with the neighbor.

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On the other hand, the OP’s suggestion was met with opposition from dog lovers. They claimed that the dog was anxious and distressed by his owners’ disagreement, which caused him to bark as a result. They speculated that he might have even been neglected in the apartment, so they decided that poking him and raising his anxiety was neither merciful nor kind. They convinced the OP that in this case, if talking to his owners didn’t work, he should call the building’s hotline and contact animal control.

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