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Meet The Lesser Bird Of Paradise, A Gorgeous Species With Emerald-Green Color And Gold Feathers



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There is a discernible visual difference between the appearance of young birds of both sexes, regardless of the gender of the individual birds. As a result of the plentiful food supply and the high humidity found in rainforests and swamp forests, lesser birds of paradise prefer to stay there.

The species can adapt and adjust to many environmental conditions but prefers altitudes of 1,550 meters. The majority of their food consists of different kinds of fruit and arthropods.


During the breeding season, the months of July through February are considered to be the most fertile. When a male bird attracts a female, he puts on a great display, and if she is impressed, she starts building a nest from fallen leaves, sticks, and twigs.

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Nests are constructed on trees at a height of approximately six meters above the ground and are secured there using plant fibers and roots. Following lay-down, the female incubates two to three eggs for about 20 days, and once they hatch, she takes care of them.


During leks, males court females in polygamy!

It is possible to find up to 12 males in one lek, or a combination of juveniles and adults, with the sole goal of impressing the female. Leks are typically dominated by more experienced males.

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A snake, owl, or hawk are usually the ones to hunt them

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Despite declining numbers in their population, experts say they aren’t globally endangered

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Birds in this species are solitary and only come together during mating seasons

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It is estimated that these birds live between five and eight years on average

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About 20 days after hatching, juvenile nestlings depart from the nest

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When their territory is invaded, these birds’ temperament can change

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They communicate with each other by making high-pitched “wak” sounds. The long notes include “wik-wong-wau-wau”

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Check out the majesty of the lesser bird-of-paradise below:

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This bird species is not poisonous; however, they prefer to be left alone. They won’t hurt you unless they feel threatened, though.


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