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Netizens Disapprove Of Recruiter Who Rejects Redditor After Ensuring Her Job Two Times




Before landing a job that pays well, the majority of us went through hundreds, if not thousands, of interviews. Though generally, this recruiting stage tends to stress us out, some recruiters even drive candidates mad.

Source: r/recruitinghell

After a few days, the recruiter suddenly informed the poster that the company would not hire her. It appeared that the COO had reconsidered his decision and decided not to hire the candidate.

Source: r/recruitinghell

The email shocked the Redditor as she firmly believed she would secure this job according to what the recruiter had told her. She had the impression that the human resources staff had intentionally misled her and led her to believe that she had been hired for the position.

Source: r/recruitinghell

In response to the post, a significant number of users on Reddit voiced their disapproval of the recruiter’s lack of professionalism. It would be strange for her to guarantee the candidate a job without first extending a formal offer in writing. If the applicant was given an unrealistic amount of hope before being rejected, she would feel even more let down and upset.

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Do you think the person in charge of recruitment made a mistake? Have you ever been involved in a recruitment process that was a complete nightmare? Please feel free to tell us about your experiences in the comments section below.