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Netizens Slam Redditor For Not Leashing His Well-Trained Golden Retriever

Because of their intelligence, faithfulness, friendliness, and sweetness, dogs are without a doubt the best furry friends that humans can have. However, even the mos




When the poster was out for a stroll in their neighborhood with their golden retriever, a man started running in their direction. The neighbor kept a few feet distance and asked the dog owner to leash their dog. He made an effort to convince the Reddit user that an unrestrained dog could be dangerous for people who are allergic to dogs or have a fear of canines. Regrettably, the owner insisted that the animal was not to blame for what had happened.

Source: r/AmItheAsshole

The poster pointed out that their dog was so well-trained that it did not react to a stranger like the neighbor. They took precautions to ensure that their well-behaved dog would never cause harm to anyone.

Source: r/AmItheAsshole

The neighbor could not imagine such a response from the dog owner, so he thought it was because the poster was not in the mood at the time. Despite this, the Reddit user laughed at the man’s threat to report the behavior of the dog to the HOA and refused to put the dog on a leash.

Source: r/AmItheAsshole
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Some people criticized the poster for being self-centered and conservative in their outlook. When they ignored the safety of other people, it is clear that they lacked consideration and thoughtlessness. In addition, rather than admitting they were wrong, they defended themselves against every criticism that was leveled against the way they conducted themselves.

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Do you think the poster made a mistake with their statement? Is it against the law where you live to take a dog for a walk in public places without a leash? If not, do you believe that such regulation would be beneficial to the people living in the country? If you are a dog owner, do you leash your dogs when you go out with them?