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Post-Break-Up Man Confessed To Reddit That He Missed His Ex-Dog Than Ex-Girlfriend

A significant number of people have admitted on social networks that they were not fond of pets before they had the opportunity to meet one in person. These adorable



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On the reflective subreddit r/dogs, the original poster, who goes by the user account name u/MagicWWD, admitted that he had his soul long for his ex-dog girlfriend’s more than anyone else he had ever missed. This was the case even though he no longer had a relationship with his ex-girlfriend. He admitted that the news that his lover had been unfaithful to him had left him in a state of utter devastation. It was impossible for him to stop reminiscing about the good times he’d spent with his lovable canine companion as they dispersed one by one and she went away with her registered male puppy.

Source: u/MagicWWD
Source: u/MagicWWD

In their first response to the OP, users of Reddit offered condolences for the user’s recent experiences of being betrayed and suffering the simultaneous loss of two loved ones. They gently convinced him that everything had been left in the past, and that he should accept the fact that they were no longer a part of his future. He had no choice but to accept this. Even though it was fine for him to keep the glowing mementos in his heart, they anticipated that he would begin a new journey with many more pawfect friends waiting for him at the animal shelter.

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While people were telling the OP to get over them, some Redditors had faith that there was a chance to “snatch” the dog provided that the OP had mainly taken care of him. It was dependent on how the young lady would carry out her responsibilities as the owner of her puppy. If she found that she was unable to handle it because of her lack of experience, she would most likely give the dog to him. In the event that he was unable to proceed with his plans right away, he might make an effort to maintain communication with the puppy until he made his decision.

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We wonder if people would have refused the destined meeting, given that they knew they were losing their furry soulmates. Could you please tell us what’s going through your head? We would appreciate it if you would follow us, hit the like and share button, and leave your thoughts in the section below. Your comments are very much anticipated by us at this point.