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Public Confuses With Guy’s Decision To Sacrifice Job For Educating Dog Due To Joke

Even though many people think of their pets as friends or even children, these same people do not believe that animals have the same legal rights as people. Even tho




Even though many people think of their pets as friends or even children, these same people do not believe that animals have the same legal rights as people. Even though the majority of owners do their best to take care of the animals and check on their health on a monthly basis, very few of them actually enroll their pets in classes. Because of this, the fact that the boyfriend of the poster wants her boyfriend to quit his job so that he can home school their dog may surprise you.


On the subreddit r/tifu, the user known as u/stop-sign-donut shared a bizarre and hilarious story with the community. Someone once described her boyfriend as “sweet” but “not the sharpest tool in the shed.” She did have a boyfriend. Pets were considered to be members of the family by her significant other, who was an animal lover. He had a dog named Chowder, so the poster thought he took that idea from a dog food commercial.

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When he shared that thought with the woman, she made a joke that he ought to provide Chowder with free education until the dog reached the age of 18, just like a person. Unexpectedly, her boyfriend didn’t laugh at her statement but instead took the seriousness of it seriously. He was of the opinion that training his cherished pet would be beneficial to everyone involved.

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After that, the boyfriend got to work looking for a good training facility for his dog. After myriads of conversations with many companies, he determined that none of them could match the human education system.

Source: r/tifu
Source: r/tifu

The Reddit user made an effort to discuss the matter with her partner, but her attempt was fruitless despite her best efforts. Though her earnings were sufficient for both of them, she was concerned about weird struggles she might face in the future due to her boyfriend’s decision.

Source: r/tifu

A good number of internet users found this tale to be completely unbelievable. They insisted that if it was a real circumstance, the boyfriend must have been dealing with some kind of issue. It’s possible that if he didn’t have a problem with his health, he would use the dog as an excuse to quit his job, even though he doesn’t really want to.

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Several of the commenters suggested to the original poster that she end this relationship for the sake of her boyfriend as well as herself. She did not seem to appreciate her partner with the “not-so-bright” remark, and based on the guy’s weird intention, the situation would likely end up worse.

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What are your thoughts on the boyfriend that is mentioned in the story? Do you believe it is absurd to look at animals and see humans in them? What actions would you take if you were in the same situation as the poster? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment!